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Removing a Location

You may want to remove a location for a variety of reasons so let’s walk through how to accomplish this in Jane.

In Jane, you will be able to archive a location, which means it won’t appear on your account anymore but all of your details will be saved so you always bring them back if you need to.

Prior to archiving the location, there are a few tasks to complete such as moving or cancelling appointments for the location, deleting breaks, and removing all shifts.


Moving appointments from one location to another ensures that all patients who have booked in with your clinic will not have to be cancelled and then rescheduled.

To move an appointment, head to the Schedule tab and select the appointment you are looking to change:

Next, click the Move button from the Appointment panel. You will get a pop-up message confirming the appointment can now be moved from its original spot to a new location and even a different practitioner.

Please note, the Move button does not book a second appointment. This feature can only change when and where the appointment will reside in your Schedule:

You may now switch locations on your Schedule to move the appointment to the correct location. Press L on your keyboard to cycle through the locations in your Schedule or click on either the Location drop-down menu on the left panel or the Location name in the upper right corner of the screen to choose the new location for the appointment:

After you have selected the location, you may now simply click into the Schedule where you would like the appointment to be booked and confirm your action:

You may choose to have Jane notify the patient of this change at that moment.


Deleting breaks is quite easy and just requires you to first click on a break:

On the resulting Break panel, scroll to the bottom of the panel and click the red Delete button:

Please note, if this break is part of a series, you may hit the red Delete All Breaks button to remove multiple breaks at once:

All breaks for a location will need to be removed in order for a location to be deleted.


1. Removing Shift Individually

To remove shifts individually, click on the Shifts button at the top right to turn it to an orange colour:

All shifts will now be a bright blue. Select the shift you would like to delete:

At the bottom of the Edit Shift panel, hit the red Delete button:

If the shift is part of a repeating series, you can choose to delete all shifts in the series:

Please note, a shift series only pertains to shifts booked on that day of the week (for example, Thursday shifts will be in a separate series from Friday shifts). You will need to delete a shift series for each day of the week.

2. Removing Shifts through the Manage Shifts function

Alternatively, you can also remove your shifts using the Manage Shift function. To start, you will just want to click on the practitioner name on the left side of the schedule.

From there, you will want to click on the drop-down arrow on the top right corner of the Schedule and choose Manage Shifts.

On the Manage Shifts window, you can set the date range to the current date until the last day that you have your shift repeated until.

Next, you can click ‘X’ on all your current shift times.

Once you removed all your shifts, you can click the Apply Shift Schedule button.

Deleting the Location

Alright, now that we have cleared the schedule, we can now remove the location.

Along the top blue bar, click Settings, select Locations from the left panel, and hit the Edit button on the right side for the location you are retiring:

At the bottom of the page, click the Archive Location button:

If you receive any message about Jane being unable to delete the location, this would indicate there are remaining appointments, shifts, or breaks that need to be addressed.

BONUS: If you need to view your archived location, you can head over to your Settings tab > Locations > the Active drop-down > Archived.

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