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Patient Arrivals & No Shows

📣 June 13th, 2023:

Recently, we made an update to the colour of Arrived appointments where the client invoice is paid or is $0. You can read about that initial change here.

Following feedback from our awesome community, we’re making some updates to the feature. You can read all about those (and any other upcoming changes!) on our feature request board.

Thank you for always letting us know what you think. 💙 - The Jane team

Arrivals & No-Shows

When a patient arrives — or fails to arrive — for an appointment, you can set their appointment’s status to “Arrived” or “No Show.” This automatically creates an invoice for the appointment, and it tells practitioners at a glance when their next patient has arrived.

❗️ If you’re on the Insurance Plan, and mark a visit as a No-Show while the insurance policy is attached to the visit, this will count the No-Show visit toward the max number of visits set for the policy, if that is set.

To ensure that only visits the patient came in for (visits we would mark as Arrived) count against that max number of visits, remove the insurance policy from the appointment prior to marking it as a No-Show.

You can do this by following the steps outlined at the bottom of this guide.

Here’s the lowdown:

Click on the appointment in the Schedule view. The Appointment panel will appear on the right.

The “Arrived” and “No Show” buttons are at the top of the Appointment pane. Click either button to set the status of the appointment. Dealing with a Late Cancellation? There’s a button for that, too!

You can undo this at any time by clicking the same button again. Or, to change a “No Show” to “Arrived,” simply click the “Arrived” button — or vice versa.

Appointments marked as “Arrived” will appear green in the Schedule view. “No Show” appointments will be red(ish).

When an appointment has been Arrived and you have collected the entire client-owed amount, it will now turn dark green!

This will let you see at-a-glance if there are any past appointments that you need to collect client payments for.

  • 💚 Light green = Arrived + client balance is unpaid
  • 🌲 Dark green = Arrived + client balance is paid or $0

📌 Please note that the appointment will turn dark green any time the client-owed amount is $0. For example:

  • There’s an insurance policy attached and no client-owed amount at the time of service
  • Your treatments start at $0 and you add per unit costs after the session

If the colour change isn’t helpful for you, you can turn it off by clicking on the cogwheel ⚙️ in the lower right corner of your Schedule, and then toggling off Differentiate Paid and Arrived States:

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