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Directing New Clients to Book an Initial Visit Only

​There currently isn’t a way in Jane to require new patients to book an initial visit before they can book a subsequent. If you offer both treatments online, then your patients will be able to choose and book any appointment available, even if they are a new patient.

That being said, there are a few ways to gently nudge your new patients to book initial treatments only.

1) Create an Online Booking Banner

You can create a banner that will appear at the top of all your online booking pages, giving your patients a little heads up before booking. This is where you can include some language making it clear to new patients that they will need to book an initial visit,

Here’s an example of what an online booking banner looks like:

To create a banner, head into Settings > Language and find and click on the “Notice/Message on Online Booking Pages” language item. You might also find it helpful to use your computer’s built-in search function to find my desired language item (command-f on a mac or Control-F on a PC).

You can then add your desired language in the text box, and even spice things up a bit with some formatting options listed below. You’ll also see a sneak peek of what this is going to look like in the Live Preview area.

Just be sure to hit that blue Save button when you’re done!

2) Add Some Language to the Appointment’s Description

In addition to a notice banner, you could add some similar language to the Description (Before Booking) section of your treatments. This would help reinforce the message, as new patients would see the same message right before they actually go to book the treatment.

For example, you can add in a message to your subsequent treatment that makes it clear that subsequent visits are for returning patients only.

Treatments with a Description (Before Booking) display online like this:

You can find the Description (Before Booking) area if you go to Settings > Treatments & Classes and then click the Edit button beside the treatments.

​ ​Go ahead and add your description for this treatment in the text box beside Description (Before Booking).

​ ​

​ ​Just be sure to hit that Update Treatment button. ​

3) Set your Treatments to “Contact to Book”

​If your new patients just keep booking subsequent treatments, you can take matters into your own hands and turn on the Contact to Book setting. This will allow the treatments to be displayed on your online booking site, but when a patient tries to book the appointment, they will be prompted to contact the clinic to complete booking. ​

Start by hopping into Settings > Treatments & Classes and then click the Edit button beside the treatments.

​ ​Scroll down to the bottom to check off the Contact to Book option. Be sure to hit the Update Treatment button to save these changes.

Now, your patients will be able to view these subsequent treatments but will be prompted to contact your clinic to book the appointment.​ This is where you can double-check that they aren’t new patients, and complete the booking on your end.

​ ​

​ ​And that should do it! For more information on customizing your treatment language, and other areas of Jane, take a peek at our guide on Customizing Jane.

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