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Edit Individual Shifts

There are two different tools to manage your schedule in Jane that serve two different purposes. The first tool is called, “Manage Shifts”, and the second tool is called, “Edit Individual Shifts”. Here is when you should use them:

If you’re looking to learn more about our Manage Shifts tool, you can access our guide document here.

Edit Individual Shifts should be used for:

Just remember, if you’re setting up shifts for the first time for a staff member or your clinic, then Manage Shifts will be your fastest and easiest option!

Great! Let’s navigate over to Edit Individual Shifts to learn more.

First, we’ll need to enable shift mode before we start creating or editing individual shifts.

To enable Edit Individual Shifts, you have two options:

1) Click the “Shift” button in the top right-hand corner of your schedule view; or,

2) Select the arrow to the right of the “Shifts” button and select “Edit Individual Shifts” from the drop-down menu.

In both cases, the button will turn orange once shift mode is enabled. 🍊

If at any point you’d like to disable Shifts mode, click the Shifts button once more and it will change back to white.

Let’s take a look at the different scenarios. 👇

Creating a single shift in your schedule

Choose the day you want to create a shift for, and click and drag an approximate shift. Don’t worry about being exact because a New Shift panel will open as soon as you let go. Once your shift panel slides over, you can select the Start At and End At times:

💡 If you have a post-treatment time set up (also known as room reset time), and you want to allow that time to run after your shift ends, Jane has a setting for that. Visit this guide doc to learn how.

Within your New Shift panel, you’ll also have the option to **Select a room to the shift.

💡 If you need to work with Rooms, you’ll need to ensure your Advanced Scheduling is turned on first in order for these options to be available for you within the icon bar window. You’ll need to be an Account Owner or Full Access User to access your Schedule Settings. To learn more about these features and how to turn them on, you can click on each linked name above.

💭 A quick note

You’ll notice a “Repeat” option within your New Shift panel. This option allows you to repeat this shift into the future until the specified end date, for this specific staff member and for this specific day of the week only.

Historically, this was Jane’s primary way to schedule shifts, and it required that clinics create a new shift for each day of the week when creating their shifts in Jane for the first time.

Unless you are creating your shifts on a biweekly schedule, Jane’s primary scheduling tool is now called “Manage Shifts”. You can learn more about that here.

Deleting a single shift on its own, or in a series

Sometimes practitioners need to leave early, stay later, or they can’t come to work because they are sick. For all of these reasons, you can use Edit Individual Shifts to make the necessary changes you need on the fly. Simply click into an existing shift, where you can update the shift parameters in the Edit Shift panel.

If your staff member is unable to come into work, we’ve seen some clinics mark the shift as “Not Bookable Online” under the Booking Options section. They’ll also add a note so the Front Desk Staff know not to book in on that day.

The alternative, of course, is to remove the shift completely…

To remove a shift, or a series of shifts, click on the shift you’d like removed in the schedule.

At the bottom of the Edit Shift panel, there will be a red trash can. Click it. 🙂

If the shift is part of a series (i.e., the weekday repeats into the future), you can choose to delete “Only This Shift” or “All Shifts” in the series. That means that if you choose to remove a shift on Thursday, and you currently have that shift set to repeat every Thursday, then deleting the series will remove all Thursday shifts from your schedule.

Creating a biweekly shift schedule

Although slightly less common, we wanted to make sure that you’re fully equipped with the knowledge you’ll need to create a biweekly shift schedule if you need to. A biweekly shift schedule is another way of saying that your Week 1 Shift Schedule differs from your Week 2 Shift Schedule.

Let’s take a look!

You can use the Edit Individual Shift tool to create your biweekly shift schedule in Jane. You’ll need to create a shift each day of the week, repeat each shift every 2 weeks, and select a specific “Repeat Until” date.

In the below example, I had to create five individual shifts, set the times from 8AM and 5PM, set the repeat to “Every 2 Weeks” and select a repeat until date.

Next, we’ll use the arrow to the right of the today button at the bottom of your screen to navigate to “Week 2”.

Similar to the first step, you’ll need to click into each day of the week to create new shifts for your Week 2 Shift Schedule. Then, just be sure to repeat each shift “Every 2 Weeks” using the repeat option, and select a Repeat Until date.

Nice work! 🥳

Additional Resources

If you haven’t seen them already, we have a handful of guides to help you navigate your schedule and manage your shifts:

If you have any questions or comments, you can reach out to us here.

Happy Scheduling!

The Jane Team 💙

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