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Using the Wait List

If you’re looking for more on Jane’s Wait List features, like sending Wait List Notifications, you can hop on over to this page!

Here are some of the basics of Wait Lists in Jane!

Adding Clients to the Wait List

To open up each practitioner’s Wait List, you can either click the Wait List button on the top right side of the Schedule, or you can click the little numbered bubble next to their (or your!) name.

If there are already clients added to the Wait List, the bubble will be orange and show how many clients are waiting. Once clicked, the Wait List will slide down under each practitioner so you can view any clients on there or + Add a new one!

💡 Fun Fact: the Wait List is arranged to show clients who have been waiting the longest at the top and any newly added clients at the bottom!

Once you’ve clicked + Add, the Wait List panel will appear on the right of the screen where you can add a client and their preferred appointment type and availability.

By default, clients’ availability will be set for all of the day you add them on. You can update the times, date range, and days they’re available under the Availability section of the panel. If the client is available any time for a week or a month, you can use the “Anytime for a Week” or “Anytime for a Month” buttons to set their availability in a single click.

It’s also often handy to add a note to a client’s Wait List request so other staff in the clinic know what’s going on.

When all of the information has been entered into the panel, click “Save”.

Fun Fact: You can let clients add themselves to the Wait List in your Settings under the Wait List tab!

Editing Wait List Clients

You can change a Wait List client’s preferences and availability at any time by clicking on their name on the Wait List and using the Edit button once the Wait List panel has opened.

Removing Wait List Clients

To remove a client from the Wait List, you can click on their name and use the Remove button once the Wait List panel has opened.

Booking Wait List Clients

If you’re using the Thrive plan, Check out Jane’s Wait List Notifications! Otherwise, here’s how you can book your client’s from the Wait List:

First, open up the Wait List and scan the client’s time availability. Jane will only show Wait List clients on the days that they are available. When you find someone who might be available to fill an opening, you can click on their name to open up the Wait List panel.

Here, you’ll find their contact info, availability, and requested treatment. Towards the bottom of the panel, you will see the “Book”, “Edit” and “Remove” buttons.

You can click on the Book button and then click on an empty time slot in the schedule to drop the Wait List client in. You will see an alert saying that the appointment has been booked and you’ll have the option to leave the client on the waitlist or remove them:

If you receive an error, double-check that the time slot you’ve chosen doesn’t overlap with an existing appointment.

The Wait List Report

You will be able to review all of the clients who currently have their name on the Wait List by visiting the Reports > Wait List area.

This data can be filtered by staff member, the period of time when the client is interested in booking, as well as the location where the request was made.

A friendly reminder that the information that is shown on this report will depend on your current Staff Access Level. Users with the Administrative Staff/All Billing or  Full Access permissions will be able to see the Wait List entries for all staff members. Users with Practitioner (Limited), Practitioner/Front Desk, or Front Desk permissions will only be able to see the Wait List entries for themselves.

Additional Notes

To allow clients and patients to add themselves on to the waitlist, a Full Access user can head over to the Settings tab and click on Waitlists in the left sidebar menu. Next, you’ll want to make sure that Allow Patients to add Wait List requests is toggled on:

This will allow clients and patients to input their waitlist preferences on your online booking site.

To add or view a waitlist request, clients and patients can click on Upcoming Appointments in the left sidebar menu and then on Add a Waitlist Request in their My Account portal:

Here’s a link to our guide on Waitlist Notifications: Client Experience which has more detailed information on what it looks like on their end of things.

NOTE 📍: When a client adds themself to the waitlist the clinic will not be notified or sent an alert, however, you can review the practitioner’s waitlist from the Schedule tab.

Let us know if you have any additional questions, our support team would be happy to help 💙

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