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Booking a Break on a Mobile Device (Phone or other Small Screen)

Let’s face it, we do a lot from our phones these days. Here’s how you can block off time on your schedule using your phone. Small screens sometimes require a bit of a design change because only so much can fit!

Jane is designed to be responsive to screen size. I think this is the most magical technology - so although it’s not new, it impresses me every time. You can see this magic if you load up Jane and then grab the side of your browser and shrink your screen in to a narrower width.

Jane on a Desktop or Laptop

Jane on a Mobile Device

You can see that the navigation buttons are now at the bottom of the screen (easier for thumbs) and the Staff List (and the Break button) are missing.

To get back to that list, you can use the Back button at the top of the schedule.

There you’ll find the list with the Break button at the bottom. Select the break button by tapping it - the button will turn blue, and you will be jumped back to the schedule to create a break.

Head back there to the same spot to disable breaks by tapping the blue Break button and you will be able to work with appointments again.

As always, let us know if you run into any problems or have any suggestions!

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