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Enabling Patient Self Check-in

Something that comes up regularly is clinics and practitioners who want to allow their patients to self check-in when they arrive for their visit.

We’ve given a considerable amount of time and thought into developing a feature that doesn’t require an additional kiosk stand with a computer or tablet.

All you’ll need is a piece of paper to print your branded Check In signage so that your patients can follow the instructions or scan the QR code to begin the check-in!

Here’s how to get it all set up.

Step 1: View Your Signage

Please note that Full Access is required to access the following area.

Head to Settings > Online Booking and scroll down to the Self Check In section at the very bottom.

Click View Signage. This is the instructions page for patients to self check in.

Step 2: Print your Signage

The next step is to print your signage.

To print in Chrome or Safari, navigate to the top of your application bar and select File > Print.

If your browser’s print dialog box pops up, just confirm your printer settings and hit Print:

Step 3: Post your Signage

Lastly, post your signage up in the lobby so your patients can follow the instructions or scan the QR code using their mobile device :)

How it Works for Patients

When your patient walks in, they can point their mobile device at the QR code or visit the URL posted on your signage to begin. Self check-in is available up to 1 hour before the scheduled appointment time.

They’ll have three check-in options:

  • Enter a mobile phone number and get a verification link by SMS
  • Enter an email address and receive a verification link by email
  • Enter their existing online booking login credentials if they are a returning client

From there, they’ll be asked to confirm their identity, confirm their appointment time, and that’s it!

Wander over to our guide doc on Self Check In - For Patients for more detailed info.

For Staff on the Admin Schedule

For staff, Jane will let you know when a patient has self-reported their arrival in real-time.

The appointment will turn light green with a timestamp:

Note: You’ll still need to Arrive the appointment in the appointment panel to invoice and take payment!

As always, let us know if you have any questions!

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