Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Device & Network Recommendations


Since Jane is a web-based application, we’ll need a connection to the internet highway. How much of a connection? Here are our recommendations for a smooth ride:

  • Smaller Clinics For smaller clinics with less than 5 staff, we recommend at least 25 Mbps download speed and at least 5 Mbps upload.
  • Larger Clinics Clinics with more than 5 staff should have at least 50 Mbps download speed and at least 12 Mbps upload.

Unsure about the speed of your connection? You can do a quick test online using a website like fast.com.


We often get asked which devices are best to run Jane on— this is a good question, especially if you are looking to purchase a new laptop or tablet for the clinic.

The truth is that it is really up to you and your practice! Jane is compatible with desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. As long as the device is on a supported operating system and can run a browser that meets our minimum Browser Requirements, then the choice is yours.

Oh, and you’re not limited to a single device! Ali, one of our co-founders, has a mixture of devices at her clinic. This includes laptops, iPads with bluetooth keyboards, android tablets… you get the idea! We even have some customers who enter their charts from their phones.

Mobile & Tablet Tips

Using Jane on your phone or tablet? We recommend adding Jane as a bookmark to your home screen for easy access to your schedule and patient charts. To learn more, check out our guide Using Jane on a Smartphone.

A Note on Browsers

Want to know which browsers are compatible with Jane? We have a dedicated guide document for that. Check out our Browser Requirements page for the most up-to-date information.

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