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Moving Your Practice to a New Location

Often clinics will re-locate to a new physical location. This could be because of a lease expiring, or the need for more space, or a solo practitioner with their own account changing practices.

If you are not going to be working at both locations at the same time, then you do not need to create a whole new location to manage that move. You can continue booking and scheduling under the current location up until the day of the move.

Informing your clients of the upcoming move

There’s a few customizations you can make to inform clients that your practice location will be changing.

You will need to have an All Access user account to get to the Language area.

Online Booking Message (Available on the Practice and Thrive Plans)

One of the first places I’d recommend adding some information about the move is right on your Jane Online Booking page.

Here’s an example of a clinic using it to notify people of the address change, but you can add any message you’d like to highlight.

This banner can be found in the Settings > Language > Notice / Message on Online Booking Pages

You can change it as often as you like, so feel free to put up a temporary message or something more permanent.


In that language area, you can also add custom text to most of the emails that are sent out from within Jane.

Feel free to add extra information to your emails that include extra instructions or details.

Many people will add some extra text to their Thanks for Booking Email: Details email:

And the Reminder Emails:

Exporting full client email List

If you do want to export all of your patient’s emails, you can also run the List report on the Reports tab (note that the EMAIL LIST will only give you those clients who have actively opted in to receive marketing emails. If you want the Full List of clients, you have to run the report simply called “List”.)

This will give you your entire patient list in Excel, including an email column. You could use that email list to send out a mass email either through a system like Mailchimp, or your own email service provider.

Changing your Clinic Location Info

On the day that you start practicing in your New Location, you’ll want to update all of the contact and location details in your Jane Account.

This is found under the Settings > Clinic Info & Locations area.

Click Edit to open up the details about that location and update anything that is changing.

Congratulations on your move, and should you have any other questions about how to best manage this transition within Jane, please let us know, and we’d be happy to help!

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