Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Using Jane on a Tablet

The easiest way for practitioners to view Jane on their tablet is to use the Day Sheet view at the top.  Click the patient appointment once to open the chart and then again to open the appointment details pane.  It would look like this:

To book appointments from the schedule on a tablet, it’s easiest to use the little magnifying glass icon next to the treatment type.  That will light up all available spots and then you can click the one you want to book.  That looks like this:

⭐️ See more helpful tips for working with tablets on the Browsers and Devices help page and our guide on Using Jane on a Smartphone to save Jane as an icon on your device’s home screen. You may also find our Booking a Break on a Mobile Device and Photos in Chart Notes/Documentation Jane guides to be helpful.

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