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Multiple Locations or Multiple Accounts: How to Set Up Jane for Independent Locations or Practitioners

When you’re deciding how to set up your Jane account, one thing that comes up quite often is whether you need multiple locations within a single Jane account or multiple accounts. This might be a question when you have:

  • Multiple counsellors or practitioners sharing a single practice space but responsible for their own admin and data
  • One single owner with multiple physical locations that do not share practitioners, branding or client list

  • One single owner with multiple physical locations that do share practitioners, branding and client list (Chain)
  • One single owner with a mobile practice that works out of different locations (corporate, mobile or home based for example)

In the above 4 scenarios, I would usually recommend that the top two scenarios open multiple, unique accounts, while the bottom two use Jane’s Locations feature. Typically the top two would have separate bank accounts, financials, and admin staff. The bottom two would want aggregated reporting data as well as as a shared client and staff list.

The most important point when there’s multiple physical locations or independent practitioners working together is that while a filtered patient list, appointments, clinical notes and past billing information can all be exported from Jane by practitioner or by location, the data will remain in the primary account, and Billing Information cannot be transported over to a new account. (Note - patient list can be filtered by practitioner but not by location).

Pain Points

A few pain points that should be assessed:

Patient Accessibility: Are the same clients seen across multiple locations? If so, the Locations feature allows for the same username and password to be used to book at both locations.

Chart Accessibility: With a single account, you would see one unified medical chart for clients that are seen across multiple locations. Multiple accounts would have a separate chart for the client at each location.

Change in Ownership: If you sold your practice, how would you want all the data to be divided? If you plan on selling one location and keeping another, then multiple accounts would make sense for a simple transition of data.

Access of Data: Jane offers many different access levels that allow you to limit the information available to everyone with administrative access to your Jane Account. Reports and Exports can be limited to individual information only, or can be set to allow for more shared access.

Admin Access and Reporting: Do you have shared admin across all practitioners? It can be hard for admin staff to manage multiple accounts if they are booking and receiving payment for your clients across multiple locations. A single account makes it simpler for admin and also allows for aggregated data on reports across all practitioners.

Further Points to Consider

Patient List: Single accounts will have a shared patient list and charts. While you will be able to filter and export lists based on practitioner, the account database will have all your clients combined. This can be a positive for patients as they only need one login to book with any of the practitioners if there are shared patients.

Logo and Branding: There is only one logo and branding available per account. So a single shared account will need to have shared branding. Some people are managing this using a split logo file where they’ve created a single file that has multiple logos side by side.

Email communication: When Jane emails out the notifications and reminders to clients, the clients can respond back to those emails and Jane will redirect them to the clinic’s email address. However, there can only be one reply-to email address per Jane account. Every location will use this reply-to address.

Billing for the License Fee: We can only charge a single card per Account for the Jane license fee - so if you are sharing an account you would need to manage the splitting of the license fee outside of Jane.


One Account with Multiple Locations

While Jane’s pricing is license-based, and there is no cost to add a location to your existing Jane account, any additional practitioners working in this second location would be billed at the additional license fee of $35 or $40 a month, depending on your plan).

Multiple Jane Accounts

If you have multiple Jane accounts they are quoted and priced totally separately. If 5 practitioners have 5 accounts then each account is priced individually.

This is for a few reasons:

Should the clinics or practitioners part ways or sell their practice, they would now be outside of any sort of pricing agreement. There’s no mechanism to link accounts within Jane.

The second point for us is that running additional accounts comes with extra costs to Jane around importing, training, and hosting.

Our price point is intended to be one that is very accessible to solo and small businesses, and we have many small or very small businesses working with Jane to run their small business. We do not mark up Jane and then discount it on a regular basis. Our published fee is really our honest pricing, and we don’t add in fees or charges anywhere else. This is important to us as we don’t like the game of over-charging some people to offset a possible discount.

If you are really unsure about whether it would be better for you to work with one account or multiple accounts for your practice, please don’t hesitate to contact us and describe your unique practice makeup. We do like to stress, that in most cases there’s pros and cons for BOTH set ups, so ultimately you will be the best one to decide which direction you’d like to go.

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