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Log In Help: Username and Password

I’d like to reset my password

I’d like to help a colleague reset their password

I’ve forgotten my password

While you’re here, check out our guide on Password Best Practices

💡 Did you know you can enable 2-Step Verification on your staff profile as an extra layer of security in addition to your password? Enabling this feature means you’ll receive a one-time SMS code to your mobile phone as part of the login process. Check out our guide to learn more.

From the Admin Side

To reset your password start in the drop-down menu at the top right of your Jane admin site. Select the “My Account” option:

Once in your account head to the Username/Password area:

From here, you’ll need to confirm your current password before updating to a new password or username. If you want to change your username but not your password, simply enter your current password in all the fields!

❗ Security tip:

From here, you can also take a look at all the current sessions you have active by clicking the blue text that says Manage Sessions. It’s a good idea to close down all your sessions periodically, especially if you sometimes sign in from different devices. This will help protect the privacy and security of your Jane account.

Help a Colleague

If someone you work with can’t remember their username, you can check their staff profile and find it highlighted in green. You can then also send a password reset email from this page:

Forgotten Password

You can ask for a password to be resent from the log in page if you’ve forgotten your current log in details.

If you’re really stuck let us know and we can help you get back in :)

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