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Notifications & Reminders

  • Add Upcoming Appointments to the Bottom of Printed and Emailed Receipts

    To add upcoming appointments to the bottom of a patient’s receipt, you can select the appointment that you’d like to arrive from the schedule, and hit Arrive. The appointment will turn green in the schedule.

  • Change Your Clinic Email Address & Phone Number

    When you first open your Jane account, the email address you provide will be the one that automatically gets set as the address where you will receive Jane notifications and/or replies and responses from all clients using online booking.

  • Customizing Language in Jane

    Did you know that you can add your own flare to much of the language in Jane? You’ll need to be set up as a “Full Access” account to get to the right spot in the Settings tab.

  • Email Notifications

    Jane can help keep everyone informed, and you can decide when that happens.

  • Email & SMS Reminders

    With all the things people have to juggle in this world, isn’t getting a reminder lovely? We think so. That’s why Jane lets you send your patients or clients automatic email and text message (SMS) reminders before each appointment. You can offer multiple reminder options, such as:

  • GDPR and Reminder Emails

    In most cases, you’re not going to need consent for reminders. Here’s why and how you can set your Jane account up as a health care provider:

  • Send an Email to All Patients

    If you’re looking to populate a list of all your patients’ email addresses, look no further than the patient list report! It’s got all the demographics within a patient’s profile in one place, including their email address. You can import the list to a program called Mailchimp and send a customiz...

  • Phone Reminders List

    Jane keeps a handy list of any patients that need a phone call reminder. These patients have been set to be reminded by phone. (Note that Jane is much too nice to use a robotic voice to call your patients–you or your staff will get a reminder so that your patients can get the human touch.)

  • Return Visit Reminders

    💡Heads up — this guide contains some workflows that are only available on the Thrive plan. We’ll let you know which workflows these are throughout the guide.

  • Tasks or To Dos

    We’re well excited about this feature! The ability to track and assign tasks is fantastic for administrative staff and practitioners alike. If you love to-do lists as much as us, then you’ll love Tasks

  • My Client Didn't Receive their Clinical or Outcome Measures Survey: A Troubleshooting Guide

    Did your client not receive their Clinical Survey? Here’s a quick guide to help figure out why this might be the case. Though if you’re looking for information on how to set your surveys up, here’s our general guide on Clinical Surveys and Outcome Measures Surveys

  • Email Customization Cheatsheet (Appointment Reminder)

    Our Appointment Reminder emails pull from many different areas in Jane. Here’s a quick cheat sheet to show you all the places this email pulls from so you can handcraft each email to each situation.

  • Email Customization Cheatsheet (Thanks for Booking)

    Our “Thanks for Booking” emails are pulled from many different areas in Jane. Here’s a quick cheatsheet to show you all the places this email pulls from so you can handcraft each email to each situation.

  • Why Does My Patient or Client’s Email Say ”Bounced”?

    When you’re seeing the ‘bounced’ tag on a patient profile, or the messages in the Message Log are followed by a ‘Bad_Recipient’ tag, this indicates that the email has been sent, but was returned as undeliverable (Return to Sender– email style).

  • Intake Form Reminder Email FAQ

    This is a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions about Intake Form Reminder Emails.

  • Why Does My Patient or Client’s Email Say ”Complaint”?

    When you see the ‘complaint’ tag on messages in the Messages tab, this is an indication of the email being sent but, is stuck in transit and undeliverable (Return to Sender– email style).

  • How to Verify your Email Address (for Staff and Patients)

    How to verify email addresses for both staff and patients within in Jane
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