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Tasks or To Dos

We’re well excited about this feature! The ability to track and assign tasks is fantastic for administrative staff and practitioners alike. If you love to-do lists as much as us, then you’ll love Tasks


Jane’s note system pops up throughout different areas of Jane. You’ve seen the Note fields on appointments, claims, the patient profile, invoices and sprinkled around the various screens.

A reminder about how basic notes work can be found on this help document about Notes.

Creating a Task

Notes can be turned into Tasks!

Adding a task to a patient’s appointment is easy. You can switch from a note to a task using the little toggle icon on any note:

Once it is toggled over, a couple of new fields appear: A Due Date and A Staff Assignment

You can assign the task on a certain date and to a particular staff member - either an admin staff or a practitioner:

Once added you’ll be able to see who created the task, when it’s due and to what, if anything the note is attached to (such as a patient, claim or an invoice):

Notifications about Tasks

When you log in there’s now a badge that might appear beside your name:

This badge will alert you if there are any tasks assigned to you that are either overdue or due in the next 36 hours.

Accessing Tasks

You can access your tasks from the drop-down under your name:

Which will slide out a list of all your tasks organized by the due date:

You can also view all your tasks at any time from your Staff Profile:

Exploring a Task

You can look into a task to learn more by clicking on the Blue Text that links the task to the area of Jane on which it was originally created:

Completing a Task

Mark the Task complete by clicking on the check box beside the task:

Here it is now completed:

Re-assigning or Editing a Task

If you want to change who a task is assigned to, its due date, or any of the wording, you can click on the three dots to the right of it and choose Edit Note.

⭐️ Task notes can still be starred so they stay at the top of the list!

Okay! That’s the run down.

If you have any other questions about the Tasks feature or anything else in Jane don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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