Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Email Notifications

Jane can help keep everyone informed, and you can decide when that happens.

Clinic Preference on Notifications

First of all, decide at a clinic level when you’d like to offer email notifications. A user with Full Access will find the global preference that will override everything in Settings > Reminders & Notifications.

Notification Options

  • An appointment is booked - automatic, after 3 minutes.
  • An appointment is changed (if the time, treatment or staff member changes) - triggered manually at the time of change
  • An appointment is cancelled - triggered manually by choosing a cancellation reason

Hot Tip: There’s a three-minute delay before notifications are sent. So if you accidentally move an appointment and then undo it or move it back, no emails will be sent.

Patients can opt in or out of notifications on their online booking profile page, or you can edit their preference by editing their Patient Profile.

Staff Notifications

Staff can choose whether they would like to be notified by email when appointments are changed on their schedule. This setting can be found in Staff Profile > Edit/Settings > Settings.

You can choose to have the notifications completely disabled or change the time frame so that emails are only sent if changes are made in a shorter time period. So, for example, that can be set to 24 hours if you only want to receive an email if changes are made that affect your schedule today or tomorrow.

Additional Notes:

  • If a staff member books, reschedules, or cancels their own appointment, a notification will not be sent to them. Since they were the ones who performed the action, it is assumed they probably know about it and don’t need an additional email. Patients will still receive a notification for the action.

  • If an appointment is in the past and is cancelled after its start time, no notification will be sent to the patient or staff member.

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