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My Client Didn't Receive their Clinical or Outcome Measures Survey: A Troubleshooting Guide

Did your client not receive their Clinical Survey? Here’s a quick guide to help figure out why this might be the case. Though if you’re looking for information on how to set your surveys up, here’s our general guide on Clinical Surveys and Outcome Measures Surveys

Note: If you don’t see the Clinical Surveys in your Settings, this means you do not have the staff permissions needed to create surveys. You’ll need to be a Full Access user in order to create and manage surveys :)

1️⃣ Check the Survey Delivery Settings

This one might sound obvious, but bear with us. If you set up a survey to send automatically to all clients, head to Settings > Forms & Surveys > Clinical Surveys.

Under the name of the survey, you’ll see whether or not it’s an All Patient survey that sends automatically to all clients for each appointment, or whether it’s a Single-Patient survey:

All Patient surveys should be going out automatically, whereas Single-Patient surveys need to be set up on an individual patient profile.

To check the delivery settings of a single patient survey, head to the client’s profile and click the three dots beside the survey. Select Adjust Sending Method to double-check that the right sending method and time has been chosen:

2️⃣ Check if they’ve filled out another survey within the last 24 hours, or within the survey window.

Jane is very cautious about over-emailing clients, so if the client has already completed another survey for your clinic within 24 hours of their appointment (ie. if they came in yesterday as well), or within the survey window if your survey is set to send more than 24 hours in advance– they will not receive an additional survey for that time period.

💡 Hint: the survey window is whenever you’ve set your survey to send, up until 10 minutes before the appointment.

If your survey is set up to deliver 2 hours before the appointment, your survey window would be 2 hours up until 10 minutes prior to the appointment– so in this case, Jane would look at the 24 hours. However, if your survey is set to be delivered to patients 36 hours before the appointment, your survey window would be 36 hours up until 10 minutes before the appointment.

Let’s say your client has a Massage Therapy appointment at 2pm today, and a Chiropractic appointment at your clinic at 3 pm. If your survey is set to send to clients 2 hours prior to the appointment, and your client completes it immediately upon receipt, Jane will not send the client a second survey for their Chiropractic appointment since they have already filled out another survey within 24 hours.

If you have access to this client’s charts, that’s where you can check to see if they filled out the survey recently, as well as at what time they filled it out.

3️⃣ Check if the appointment was rescheduled

If you click on the appointment and scroll down to the History & Status section of the appointment panel, you can see if the appointment was rescheduled and if a survey was already sent out for this appointment. If the survey says “completed” and the date listed is earlier than the appointment time (For example, if you see “Completed 4 days ago” go but the appointment is today)– then this means that the client had already completed the survey prior to the appointment being rescheduled.

As mentioned, Jane is very cautious about sending too many emails to a patient, so if the client has already completed their survey for an appointment– Jane will not send them another survey.

If you find yourself in this situation again where the client has completed the survey– but you need to reschedule the appointment, we would recommend canceling the current appointment and rescheduling a fresh one.

4️⃣ Check the treatment settings

Surveys will only be sent to clients who have booked an appointment that is set as “in-person” in the treatment settings

Still not sure why your survey didn’t send? We can help!

If you head back into Jane and Need Help? in the top right, you can get in touch with our lovely support team.

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