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Email & SMS Reminders

With all the things people have to juggle in this world, isn’t getting a reminder lovely? We think so. That’s why Jane lets you send your patients automatic email and text message (SMS) reminders before each appointment. You can offer multiple reminder options, such as:

  • an email reminder 48 hours before the appointment
  • a second email reminder 12 hours before the appointment
  • a text message reminder 3 hours before the appointment

You can decide and configure whatever options you’d like to offer in the Settings, under Reminder Types.

Looking for information on Intake Form Reminder Emails? Check out our guide Intake Form Reminder Email FAQ.

Remind patients of their upcoming appointment at your health care clinic using email and text messages.

Adding a Reminder Type

In the Settings, under Reminders, click “Add Reminder.” Then configure the reminder settings:

  • Delivery Method - Email, SMS, or Phone
  • Send Reminder - How many hours before the appointment to send the reminder
  • Subscribed by Default - Check if you’d like new patients to automatically be subscribed to this reminder
  • Enabled - If you ever need to temporarily disable reminders of this type, you can uncheck this
  • Patient selectable - Allow patients to opt into this reminder, if unchecked only staff can opt a patient in or out.

Tips for Reminder Types

It’s nice to offer your patients a few options, but not too many. We recommend an email reminder before your late cancellation period. That way, patient’s have a chance to cancel without a penalty. This reminder could be enabled by default. And then offer a second email reminder 12 hours before, and maybe a text message a few hours before. You can click the “View Preview” button to see what the reminder will look like.

Phone Reminders

If a patient doesn’t have an email address or the patient has opted into Phone Reminders, they will be added to the Phone Reminders list for your staff to call. Read about the phone reminders list here.

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