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Email Customization Cheatsheet (Thanks for Booking)

Our “Thanks for Booking” emails are pulled from many different areas in Jane. Here’s a quick cheatsheet to show you all the places this email pulls from so you can handcraft each email to each situation.

Note: The prompt to have patients visit their account page to cancel their appointment is dependent on whether you allow cancellations in your Settings > Online Booking > Allow cancellations. If you allow cancellations, this sentence is hardcoded and cannot be modified. If you have “Allow cancellations” unchecked, then the prompt will not be included in the email.

Booking Information (After Booking)

Within Settings > Treatments, Classes & Group Appointments > Click the Edit button. You’ll find a Booking Information (After Booking) field. This note will be included in both your “Thanks for Booking” and any “Reminder emails” that are sent out.

Make sure to click Save once you are finished!

Clinic Locations

This is found in Settings > Locations > Click the Edit button. The name, short description, and long description will be used in your emails.

Language: Email Cancellation Policy

This is within our Settings > Language area which you’ll also be able to edit a number of different text that appears in Jane. From here we can look for the customized language area and find the Email: Cancellation Policy option.

Tip: The Customized list here can be quite lengthy. You can use Ctrl+F(Windows) or Cmd+F(Mac) to quickly search for this text

Once you find this and select it you’ll be able to add your custom text here. You’ll also see a quick preview of what you typed in as well. This will then appear in all your appointment-related emails.

Then, you can customize the text here in the box, and be sure to hit Save at the bottom once you’re done.

Other Customizations in Jane

Below is a list of additional areas that Jane allows you to make your own. Have a peek to see where else Jane is letting you shine through:

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