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Customize Patient Invoice Details

Sometimes you need to edit the patient details that display on your receipts, invoices, and statements. We’ve made it easier than ever to help you do this!

On a receipt/invoice/statement(including PDFs) where the patient is a payer, only a patient’s address, email, and telephone will be displayed by default.

To make your own customizations, head over to Settings > Languages and click on Patient Invoice Details

From here you can add or remove any of these patient details:



Date of Birth


Personal Health Number

Simply enter or edit one of the available variables in the Language area:

Handy right? For more tips on customizing receipts and invoices, click here. :)

Here is how all of the Patient details would display on an Invoice:

For our Netherland Friends

On a receipt/invoice/statement (including PDFs) where the patient is a payer, the patient’s address, email, telephone, date of birth, and personal health number should all be displayed by default (before doing any customization).

As always, let us know if you have questions or need a hand.

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