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Customizing the Details & Price on an Unpaid Invoice

This is an oldie but a goodie. Did you know that you can easily customize the details and price on an unpaid invoice prior to collecting payment? This allows you to document certain details that will be reflected on the client’s invoice & receipt.

If a payment has already been applied, you can visit this guide here to learn how to manually override a paid invoice.

Take a look at the “Details” section below:

We’ve seen many of our Mental health clinics (and others) use this option to:

a) Add the names of the attendees of a family session to a receipt;

b) Add the name of the payee to a receipt;

📍Note: If Jane Payments is set up, you’ll have the ability to share a client’s credit card across related profiles. So, if Mom wanted to pay for her child’s session, you can pay with Mom’s Shared Credit Card, and Jane will automatically update Mom as the Payee on the Child’s receipt.

c) Increase the amount of an invoice, with a description of the added time (i.e., We extended our session by 30 minutes = +$50.00); and,

d) Anything else you’d like documented within the invoice so that it is reflected on the client’s receipt prior to taking payment.

Here’s how to access this area of your invoice:

Within your schedule, open up your appointment. Make sure that you’ve clicked Arrive so that Jane knows to generate the invoice.

Scroll down within the Appointment Panel to your Billing Info section, and click on the blue link that represents the client invoice:

Jane will open up your Invoice details, where you can add any information you’d like referenced within the client’s receipt, or you can change the invoice amount:

📍Note: If an insurance claim is added to an appointment after the Amount of the invoice is changed, the Amount will revert back to the original Amount set for that treatment. If you would like to submit an insurance claim for a custom Amount, we recommend using a Discount or Price Adjustment instead.

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