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Failed Jane Payments Payouts

When a payout fails we will automatically reattempt this payout as part of your next scheduled deposit. This may not be the next scheduled deposit you see in the list, as it can sometimes take a few days for your bank to return these to us as Failed.

When you see a failed payout in your Jane reporting, we’d typically recommend updating your Jane Payments bank account information. This just helps make sure we have the right information on file and that we’re able to send the reattempted deposit to the right spot.

Once you receive this next larger payout, you can head to Reports > Jane Payments Payouts and click See Transactions next to the payout -

While the reattempted funds will not be listed there, you can see that the payout total is much higher than the sum of the transactions listed. This is due to the reattempted payouts that will be included as part of this deposit.

We also find it usually helps to update the bank account that’s connected to Jane Payments! By re-entering your account information, we can be sure the information matches exactly what the bank has on file.

Once you’ve updated your bank account information, your next payout will be deposited into this new account. Any payouts that are already scheduled or in transit will be sent to the old account, and will be returned to us as Failed if the account has been closed.

These failed payouts are automatically retried using the new bank account information, so there’s no need to worry if you see this status on your payout reporting 😊

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