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Creating an Invoice

If you’re looking to create an invoice for an appointment or product sale, you’ve come to the right Guide!


Let’s first start off by taking a look at Appointments.

Generating an invoice for an appointment can be easily done by navigating to the Schedule, clicking on an appointment, and clicking the Arrive button in the appointment panel to the right.

Jane will not only turn the appointment a nice green colour to signify that the patient has arrived, but will also generate an invoice for this appointment.

From there, the invoice will be outstanding so payment can be received.

It’s also good to note that arriving an appointment generates a patient invoice as well as an insurer invoice if there is an insurance policy attached to the appointment.

If you’re ever looking to delete an invoice that was created for an appointment, you’re welcome to unarrive the appointment by clicking the Arrive button again. Just make sure payment isn’t applied or has been unapplied! :)


Next, let’s take a look at Products!

You can create an invoice for a product sale by selling a product.

Feel free to check out this Guide Document on Selling a Product for a couple of scenarios and how to get started.

If you’re interested in deleting an invoice that was created for a product sale, you can pop on over to the Billing tab on your patient’s profile and click on the downward arrow to the far right on the product sale line. You’ll be able to see Delete Purchase listed as one of the options in this dropdown.

Pro Tip: This will be after you’ve unapplied any payments!

You’ll want to make sure you select Delete Purchase instead of Refund Purchase unless it truly is a refund.

Alrighty, friend! You should be all good to go to start generating those invoices. 😺

Bonus Info

The Sales Report is a great way to reference invoices! Here’s a Guide on navigating within the Sales Report.

In case you’re in a reading mood, we also have these two other handy Guides on Searching by Invoice Number.

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