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How to Delete an Invoice

Jane makes it simple for clinics to bill patients and clients for their appointments, but mistakes happen - sometimes you need to redo an invoice for a visit or a purchase was recorded incorrectly.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on how to get that deleted!

Invoices in Jane are generated in three main ways — marking an appointment as arrived, as a no-show, or selling a product, package or membership. Getting rid of these invoices happens in a couple of different ways, so let’s walk through how this works with the different scenarios.

NOTE📍: You’ll first need to make sure that there are no payments applied to the invoice before it can be deleted. For more detailed information on how to unapply payments in Jane, here’s a link to our Unapplying a Payment guide doc that walks through the steps in detail.

Deleting an Unpaid Appointment Invoice:

To remove an appointment invoice, whether it’s marked as a no-show or arrived, head over to the Schedule tab and click the appointment to open the Appointment Panel. From there, click the green Arrived button to remove the attached invoice:

If the Appointment is marked as No-Show, you’ll want to click on the red No Show button to remove the attached invoice:

If you would still like to keep track of how many no-shows a client or patient had within their profile, you’ll still want to mark the appointment off as a No-Show without a charge, instead of deleting it from the schedule. Jane will still generate an invoice for the client or patient, there just won’t be a fee attached to it.

Here’s a link to our guide on No-shows and Late Cancellations for more detailed information on how this works in Jane.

Late Cancellations are a little tricky since they will disappear from the schedule in Jane. If you are not able to see the cancelled appointment on the schedule, there’s a setting that you’ll need to toggle on.

Here’s a link to our guide on Who was Cancelled/Deleted from the Schedule that walks through how to turn this filter on from the schedule.

Now that the appointment is visible within the schedule, you’ll want to click on the black appointment block and click on the Uncancel button to remove the invoice:

You’ll be able to see the appointment marked as just a regular booked appointment on the schedule. You can mark it as No Show without a fee attached if you would still like it displayed on the schedule, or just cancel the appointment without a fee attached to it.

Pro-tip💡: If you scroll down to the Billing info section within the Appointment Panel, you’ll be able to see that Uninvoiced status.

Deleting an Invoice for an Unpaid Product, Package or Membership Purchase:

💡Heads up — Package & Membership features are available on the Thrive Plan.

To delete an unpaid product purchase or a membership/package purchase, you’ll want to head over to the Patient or Client’s profile. From there, click on the blue Billing text within the Profile and then on the black dropdown arrow to the right of the word * View *:

Within the dropdown menu, you’ll want to select Delete Purchase:

Since this is a permanent change, Jane has another safeguard in place to ensure that this is a change you’d like to continue with. You’ll just want to click on the blue **OK** button to confirm those changes:

Read more on deleting a package invoice here

Read more on deleting a membership invoice here

As always, if you have any questions about deleting an invoice, don’t hesitate to send us an email to [email protected] and we would be happy to guide you in the right direction.

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