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Online Booking

  • Online Booking: Choosing What Is Offered Online (Locations, Staff, Shifts, Treatments etc) and Individual Staff Preferences

    When setting up online booking, you have a few options on what gets displayed online and how it is displayed.

  • Setting up Online Booking like a Boss

    One of the reasons you may have chosen Jane is for the online booking. Because it’s an area of your site that most staff rarely visit, the set up of the online booking page can sometimes be forgotten.

  • Adding "Book Online" Buttons to Your Website

    For a quick and easy way to link patients to your clinic’s online booking site, Jane provides a number of different “embed codes.” These snippets of code can be copied and pasted into any HTML page, including your clinic’s website, a blog post, or even your LinkedIn profile. The buttons look like...

  • Booking an Appointment Online (For Patients)

    Note: These instructions are for patients who want to book their own appointments. Booking instructions for clinic staff are available here.

  • Cancellation Policy

    Life’s unpredictable. For that very reason, Jane lets you customize your cancellation policy while still giving patients lots of options.

  • Cookies Message

    This is a helpful site that explains what cookies are and how they’re used. Especially notable for Jane is the section on “Why are Cookies Used:”

  • Enabling Patient Self Check-in

    Something that comes up regularly is clinics and practitioners who want to allow their patients to self check-in when they arrive for their visit.

  • Family Profiles - Managing Family Members (For Patients)

    To put it plainly, you can book individual appointments for your whole family from your account.

  • Family Profiles - Managing Family Members from the Client Profile

    To put it plainly, one family member can book individual appointments for the whole family from their client profile.

  • Family Profiles - Online Booking & Intake Forms

    Psst… did you know that with our Group Appointments feature, clients can book multiple people into a single session? This would be for sessions they want to attend together, like group counselling or a family chiro visit.

  • Family Profiles - Payments with Shared Credit Cards

    Did you know that when you’re taking payment for a client’s visit, you can choose someone else as the payer? With our Payments for Related Clients feature, you can collect a payment from a parent for their child’s visit, for example, and accurately reflect the payer on the invoice. You can do thi...

  • Google Analytics

    On July 1st, 2023, Google Analytics will replace their Universal Analytics (UA) with their next-generation tracking solution, Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

  • Link Online Booking to Instagram

    Adding your online booking site to your Instagram account is a great way to direct clients to your Jane site. It’s just a few simple steps to set this up.

  • Not Accepting New Patients - Return Clients Only

    So here’s some information on how to work with limiting new clients.

  • Linking to Facebook

    Here’s the current way you can link your Jane booking site to your Facebook page.

  • Online Booking: Checking What is Offered Using the Magnifying Glass

    Have you noticed the Magnifying Glass button in Jane? This handy little feature can help you get more detail about open time slots in your schedule.

  • Only Allow Approved Online Booking

    📣 At this time, it is not possible to limit new clients from booking only certain appointment types. The workflow outlined in this guide shows how to limit new clients from accessing your Online Booking Site as a whole.

  • Turning on Online Booking and Setting up Different Permissions

    This guide is going to walk through how to turn online booking on across the clinic and some options for this overall clinic setting.

  • Online Rolling Availability

    In order to set how far in advance your patients can book, you can set an online rolling availability value for each staff member.

  • Reordering Treatments and Disciplines (Admin Schedule and Online Booking)

    Sometimes you would like your treatments ordered with your most popular choice at the top. Or maybe you would like to group certain visit types together and tweak which disciplines appear first.

  • Self Check In (For Patients)

    If your clinic has enabled the patient self check-in feature.

  • Save Space on Your Screen by Minimizing Weekends

    Sometimes Monday to Friday is all you can handle. Jane makes it easy to hide weekend days from your schedule to save space on your screen.

  • Tags – Limiting Treatment Availability

    You can tag your shifts and treatments (aka services, sessions, classes) with a tag of your choosing, sort of like a hashtag. And then Jane will only offer up availability for that treatment on shifts with a matching tag. It’s a simple idea and really powerful in how it lets you control your avai...

  • Online Booking Pre-Payments

    This feature is available for Jane Payments users. If you’re not signed up yet, you can learn more about Jane Payments and get all set up when you’re ready!

  • Notice / Message on Online Booking Pages (for Announcements or Instructions)

    Full access users or account owners are able to post announcements as a header at the top of their online booking page.

  • Directing New Clients to Book an Initial Visit Only

    ​There currently isn’t a way in Jane to require new patients to book an initial visit before they can book a subsequent. If you offer both treatments online, then your patients will be able to choose and book any appointment available, even if they are a new patient.

  • Contact to Book

    Do you need to approve bookings before they get scheduled? Jane’s Contact to Book setting lets you show your availability online, but prompts patients to call you to schedule their appointment so you can approve the time.

  • How to Hide Your Location from Your Online Booking Site

    To hide your location address from your online booking site, you will want to head over to the Settings tab, click on Locations in the left sidebar menu and then on the Edit button to the right of the location.

  • 'Tis the Season to change your Online Booking Background!

    Fuzzy warm socks 🧦, logs burning on the fire 🔥, festive music in the background 🥁. Ahhh - yes, it’s starting to feel more like the holidays! 😍

  • Branding Your Online Booking Page

    I’d be wondering the exact same thing if I were you! Head on over to your name in the top right-hand corner of your Jane account, click the drop-down arrow, and select “Online Booking”.

  • Putting Tags to Work

    In this guide, we’re going to share some examples of how you can use Tags to manage your Online Booking availability. Feel free to choose your own adventure below by selecting the scenario that best suits your clinic needs!

  • Working with Patients across Time Zones

    If you work with patients across multiple time zones, then this guide is for you! We have gathered a list of features and suggestions here that will help with patient booking and communication when someone is not in the same time zone as your practice.

  • How to Disable Online Booking

    How to disable online booking clinic-wide, for a specific practitioner, or for a patient or client.
  • Mental Health Hub

    We created this hub for our mental health practitioners so you can find everything you need all in one place. You can refer to this page when setting up your account and reference key mental health workflows as you continue using Jane.

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