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How to Disable Online Booking

Sometimes there are specific circumstances where you may not want to offer online booking clinic-wide, for a specific practitioner, or you would like to disable online booking for a specific patient or client so they can’t book with you.

This can be tricky to get sorted, but no worries, this guide will walk you through how to set this up for each of those scenarios.

Let’s break down the options together!

Disabling Online Booking for the Whole Clinic

To disable online booking for the entire clinic, a full-access user will first want to head on over to the Settings tab, then click on Online Booking, and change the * Online Booking Policy * to Online Booking is disabled:

Image showing that you can click on a dropdown in the top right to disable online booking

Disabling Online Booking for a Specific Staff Member

The staff member themselves can opt out of being displayed on the online booking site, regardless of their access level. Disabling online booking at the practitioner level happens over in the Staff tab. Within their Staff Profile, click on Edit/Settings:

Image showing to click on the staff tab in the top menu, then select a staff member on the left

Next, you’ll want to click on Online Booking, and toggle off Enable Online Booking. Once this option is turned off, make sure to hit the blue Save button in the bottom right corner to confirm those changes!

Disabling Online Booking for a Specific Patient:

If you need to prevent or block a specific patient from booking appointments online, you can head over to the Patients tab and use the search bar to find their name. Once you’ve located the patient, click on their name to open up their profile.

From here, you can click on any of the blue pencil icons or the blue Edit/Settings text within their profile.

Next, you’ll want to scroll down a bit on the page and change the Online Booking Policy to Online Booking Disabled. This will prevent this patient from being able to book in at your clinic.

As always let us know if you need any help, or would like more information about how these settings work! We’re just a few clicks away by using the “Need Help?” option in your Jane account.

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