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Family Profiles - Payments with Shared Credit Cards

Did you know that when you’re taking payment for a client’s visit, you can choose someone else as the payer? With our Payments for Related Clients feature, you can collect a payment from a parent for their child’s visit, for example, and accurately reflect the payer on the invoice. You can do this administratively for any payment method or type of appointment. Read more about it in our Payment for Related Clients guide.

Processing a Family Member’s Credit Card

Let’s use an example here.

Say Owen has set up a relationship with his wife Addison and he has granted her permission to use his card(s) on file.

When you check out Addison, you’ll see Owen’s cards saved on file listed as a payment options.

Please note that you will only see Owen’s cards on file when checking out Addison. Owen’s cards will not be listed in Addison’s Billing > Credit Cards area.

If Owen has multiple cards saved on file, you can give them all nicknames to make it easier to differentiate between the cards.

You can assign nicknames to client credit cards from their Profile > Billing > Credit Cards > View area.

You can also color-code your client credit cards in this area!

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As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. :)

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