Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Re-Booking Appointments

Jane offers users a couple of ways to manage repeat appointments. See Recurring Appointments to learn how to set up appointments that repeat automatically at regular intervals. Or, to learn how to quickly re-book appointments using the copy and paste tools, read on:

First, click on the patient’s last appointment in the Schedule. The Appointment Pane will appear on the right.

Click on the “Copy” button in the Appointment Pane.

Jane will confirm which appointment you’re copying in a message at the top of the page. You can cancel the copy here, too.

Next, go to the desired re-booking date in the practitioner’s schedule. To paste the new appointment, simply click on an available time slot. This will create a new appointment with the exact same details as the one you copied.

Once an appointment has been pasted, you can adjust the treatment or claim details by clicking the “Edit” button in the Appointment Pane.

💡 Pro tip: If you re-book a patient before billing them, you can automatically print their upcoming appointment(s) onto their receipt. Check out our guidance on this here: Add Upcoming Appointments to Receipts. Nice.

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