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Schedule Opening & Closing Time

If you need to adjust the opening and closing time for your administrative schedule, here’s how!

A Full Access user can begin by heading to Settings > Schedule Settings

You’ll see the option at the top to change your opening and closiiiing time 🎶

We generally suggest setting the opening time to an hour before you usually take your first patient, and your closing time to an hour after you usually take your last. This will help give you a bit more flexibility when working with the schedule, but it will not determine when patients are able to book online– that is determined by the shifts that you set up.

Here’s a Guide doc with more information on Shifts in case you’d like to take a look at that. 😊

You’ll also notice that you can set the Schedule Grid:

On your schedule, you can adjust the minimum increments. The greatest common divisor of appointment length for your clinic is the value you need to use. For example, if you have one practitioner who schedules on 15-minute intervals but another who uses 20-minute intervals, you should use 5 minutes as your Schedule Grid value.

Alright, we hope this helped!

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