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Double Booking

Are you:

  • A practitioner with the ability to work in two rooms at once and need patients to be able to book at the same time?
  • A practitioner who offers couples therapy but wants to chart separately?
  • An office administrator trying to double book a practitioner but can’t fit it in the shift?

Have no fear our Double Booking feature is here!

Before getting started with the Double Booking feature, you would need to ensure this setting is turned on under Settings > Schedule Settings > Allow double booking. Don’t forget to hit Save.

Now if you’re needing to squeeze in some double bookings on the schedule administratively, you can do so by using the keyboard shortcut “D”.

Simply navigate to your schedule, hit the “D” key once, and your appointments will slide over allowing you to double book.

Once you’re finished double booking, hit the “D” key again to make the schedule go back to its regular view.

Double Booking on a mobile device (phone or other small screen)

To Double Book on a mobile device you’ll want to tap and hold an open slot in your schedule to bring up the New Appointment panel. This will allow you to manually use the Time dropdown menu to adjust the appointment to where you would like it to be double booked.

Screenshot of booking an appointment on a mobile device

Once you have completed the fields required for the New Appointment, you can hit Book Appointment and Jane will Double Book the appointment at the Time you specified.

Online Double Booking

Available on the Practice and Thrive Plans

If you need to set up Double Booking for patients to book Online, you’d want to set up two shifts on the same day for the practitioner and assign each of these shifts to a separate room.

Here is our guide for setting up Shifts if you needed a little refresher - Shift Guide as well as our handy Jane Guide on Room Booking.

While in Shift mode, you can use the “D” shortcut again to “double book” a shift. The “D” key will slide over to the left of the original shift and allow you to add a second one at the same time. Ensure both Shifts are set to “Bookable Online” - now your practitioner will be able to offer two bookings at the same time.

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