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Group Appointments: Client Experience

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how your clients can book Group Appointments online.

To learn more about how an administrative staff member can create, book, and modify a Group Appointment head on over to the Group Appointments page.

Let’s dive right in! ⤵️

🗓️ Book a Group Appointment (as a client)

From the Online Booking site, clients will select their desired session. The group icon on the session button makes it clear that they are booking a Group Appointment.

Clients will then click an available time slot and have the option to book multiple appointments by clicking Book More or continue with the booking by clicking Continue.

➕ Add clients to a Group Appointment

Next, clients can add participants to the appointment. You’ll find a breakdown of the items on this page, below.

Participants: The participants list will include the person booking the appointment and any clients who have a Relationship set up with them.

Add Family Member: Clients can add a new participant to the appointment by clicking Add Family Member. Whenever a client adds a new Family Member in Jane, all of their permissions will be enabled except for the ability to use stored credit cards. This makes it easy for a family member to fill out Intake Forms for minors.

It’s important to note that when a client (let’s call them Susan), creates a family member’s profile (let’s call them Bob), Susan can revoke her own permissions to receive Bob’s appointment notifications and emails, or an admin staff member can do this for them. Bob cannot edit Susan’s permissions towards him. If you’re curious, you can find a list of permissions in the Patient Relationships guide.

Primary Patient/Client: Clients can choose the Primary Client by clicking this dropdown. As a reminder, the Primary Client will be responsible for paying for this appointment and will show as the payee on financial documents, and the Secondary Clients will appear on the receipts and invoices as participants.

Here’s what that looks like on an invoice:

When clients are ready to confirm the booking, they’ll click Continue and land on the familiar Thank You for Booking confirmation page.

❌ Cancel a Group Appointment

Clients can cancel a Group Appointment from the Thank You for Booking page. If they do so within 3 minutes of booking, Jane will not send a Thanks for Booking email notification.

The Primary Client will have the ability to cancel the appointment For myself only or for The entire group.

The Secondary Clients will only be able to cancel the appointment for themselves.

After 3 minutes have passed, a drop-down will appear where the Primary Client will have the ability to Reschedule for the entire group, Cancel for myself only, or Cancel for the entire group.

Whereas, Secondary Clients will only be able to Cancel the appointment for themselves.

If you’ve allowed it in your Settings, clients can also cancel or reschedule Group Appointments from their My Account.

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