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Editing an Appointment Marked as 'Arrived'

Oops - That wasn’t Johnny…

Sometimes you’ll confirm and pay for an appointment with the wrong details - like paying for Johnny’s appointment when it was his brother Tommy that came in. It happens!

You can update the visit or patient booked on the schedule to correct any scheduling errors or last-minute updates to the visit. There are just two things to keep in mind:

  1. In order to make changes to an appointment, the appointment needs to be in it’s Unarrived state.

  2. In order for an appointment to be marked as Unarrived, the visit cannot be paid or have any submitted claims.

1. Remove Payment

If the appointment is paid for, first you’ll need to unapply or delete the payment.

  • Unapplying a Payment is the best option if you have the correct patient and appointment booked and paid for, but mid-treatment the patient changed their mind and needed a longer or shorter visit.

  • Deleting a Payment is a better option if there was an oversight on the patient or appointment booked before processing payment. If the payment was processed in error, or the amount or patient were incorrect - delete the payment.

2. Update the Appointment

So long as the visit is unpaid, you’ll need to unarrive an appointment by clicking “Arrived” a second time.

The Pay button should disappear, and the visit should no longer be green on the schedule. You can then switch out the appointment type by using the pencil icon on the bottom right side of the Booking Info section

​After that, you can marked the appointment as Arrived again and process payment for the visit.

3. Reconcile the visit

If you unapplied payment, you’ll pay using the account credit. You can then pay off the remaining balance with a second payment, or follow our guide to Partially Pay an Invoice to leave an outstanding balance.

If you deleted the payment, a new payment will need to be recorded on the visit. Proceed the checkout as normal!

​ As always, let us know if you need any help!

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