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Resource FAQ & Troubleshooting

Hey, we get it, Resources can be a tricky feature so you may have some questions or need assistance with troubleshooting. Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for! This guide covers any FAQ and troubleshooting we anticipate you may run into when using Resources.

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Can I override the need for a Resource on the fly?

Yes, but be mindful! As you book the appointment, Jane will list the resources needed in the appointment panel. If you need to book the appointment even though the resource is unavailable you will have to uncheck that Resource from the list.

s screenshot of the appointment panel showing the option to uncheck a resource

Can I manually reserve additional Resources from the Resource Pool if needed?

You sure can! When booking or updating appointments administratively, in the appointment panel you can manually check off additional Resources from the Resource Pool if you’d like to reserve extra resources for your appointment.

s screenshot of the appointment panel showing the option to check additional resources

Can I add/remove Resources from an existing Resource Pool?

Yup, no problem. If you need to update a Resource Pool to add additional Resources you can do so by heading to your Settings > Resources create a New Resource and add it to your existing Resource Pool.

If you’d like to remove a Resource from a Resource Pool, in Settings > Resources you can Edit the Resource and Archive it.

❗️Please keep in mind that archiving a Resource will also remove it from any booked appointments with that Resource attached to the booking.

How do I set up a staff member in a shared discipline if they are the only one in that discipline that requires the use of Resources?

Ah, good question and there are two different approaches you could take to manage this.

Option 1 - Create and assign the staff member their own treatments

The first option would be to simply create that staff member their own set of treatments which are assigned to them and not a shared treatment.

To save yourself some time, you can Duplicate any of the existing shared treatments in the discipline which you need to recreate for the staff member.

screenshot of duplicate button

You would want to assign the treatment to the specific staff member that requires the use of resources.

As well as add the resource requirements to the Advanced Scheduling Settings of their treatment.

The last step would be to head to that staff member’s Staff Profile > Treatments, Classes, & Group Appointments to disable the toggle for the Shared Treatments which you recreated for that staff member.

❗️Please note that this option will affect the booking process for this staff member on your Online Booking Site. Staff member-specific treatments do not appear on the main page of the Online Booking Site so patients would need to select that staff member before being able to view and book these appointments.

If this is an issue for you, please check out Option 2 below.

Option 2 - Create additional shared treatments which are named after and enabled for only that staff member

The second option would be to have two sets of shared treatments, one that does not use Resources and the other that does. This ensures that patients can see all treatments on the main page of your online booking site, but can make your treatment list longer.

Feel free to use the Duplicate option on your existing treatments to save time.

screenshot of duplicate button

As you create the treatments for the staff member that requires resources, you’ll want to add their name to the Treatment Name so that patients know the treatment is with them.

You’ll also want to add the resource requirements to the Advanced Scheduling Settings of that treatment.

Once your treatments are created, you’ll want to head to the Staff Profile > Treatments, Classes, & Group Appointments for every staff member within that discipline. For the staff members who do not require resources, you’ll disable the toggle for the treatments you recreated that require resources and vice versa.

Using this option will ensure that all treatments are viewable by patients on the main page of your Online Booking Site.

Does changing the name of a Resource or Resource Pool affect already booked appointments?

Nope! Simply updating the name of a Resource or Resource Pool in your Settings > Resources > Edit on an existing Resource or Resource Pool won’t affect any of your current appointment bookings, it will simply update the name(s) with the changes you made.

Why Is Jane saying the required Resources are not available when there are Resources available?

Jane checks for Resource availability when booking appointments. If Jane is indicating that the required resources are not available, it could be due to a few reasons:

  • Resource Assignment - The treatment might not have the correct Resources assigned to it. You can check this by going to Settings > Treatments, Classes & Group Appointments and clicking Edit next to the treatment. The list of Resources that can be assigned to the treatment is under the Advanced Scheduling Settings section.
  • Resource Availability - The resources might be in use at the time of the appointment. Jane will only allow a treatment type to be booked if enough of that Resource is available.
  • Location Assignment - If you have more than one location and the required resource(s) are assigned to a location different from where you’re trying to reschedule your appointment, then Jane will not allow the change.

Why am I getting a “Can not be booked, the required resources are not available” error when attempting to change the length of a booked appointment?

Even when editing a booked appointment, Jane scans the schedule for any conflicts with required resources. If you are receiving an error that required resources are not available, the edit you are attempting to make to the appointment likely causes the appointment to overlap and thus double book the Resource with an existing appointment.

That being said, you are in full control of Resources on the administrative side of things so if you’d like to remove the required resource so that you can edit the appointment freely you can do so. Simply hit the pencil in the appointment panel to enter Edit Appointment mode.

s screenshot of the appointment panel showing the edit appointment pencil

From there, all you need to do is uncheck the Resource which is preventing the appointment from being edited and then Update Appointment. Once that Resource is removed you should be free to edit as needed.

s screenshot of the appointment panel showing the option to uncheck a resource

❗️Please keep in mind that if using this approach you are making the Resource you removed from the appointment available again for other appointments to be booked with.

Additional Resources

If you haven’t checked them out already, feel free to check out our Resource booking - Working with limited resources overview guide and Putting Resources to work scenario guide for more info.

As always, we’re here to help! If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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