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This guide is a growing library of tips and instructions for having the best experience with Jane.

On the left, you can check out guides on every topic imaginable, including our Training Courses! These are structured learning sets that take the guesswork out of learning Jane. We’ve heard they’re great for training new staff.

Take back your treatment time with Online Intake Forms 📄

Come explore Jane’s Online Intake Forms and how they can help you streamline your entire patient or client intake process so that you can start your treatments prepared and on time. 💪

We’ve compiled links to all of our most helpful guides, blog posts, and webinars on Online Intake Forms, so you can find everything you need in one place.

Ready to learn more about intake forms? Click here to explore.

Want to learn more about a current Jane customer’s experience with Intake Forms? Click here to read our blog post.

Not yet using Jane and would like to see Intake Forms in action before signing up? We’d love to show you around: Book a demo.

✨ New Feature Highlight

💸 Jane users get a 10% discount on their monthly Claim.MD subscription cost!

With Integrated Claims, you can connect your Claim.MD account to do the following…

  • Submit claims (837)
  • View claim acknowledgements and manage rejections (277)
  • Receive insurer remittances (835)

…all right inside your Jane account!

👉 Click here to learn all about Integrated Claims with Claim.MD

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