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Code of Conduct

Hello Jane Community — or shall we say, “Hi Friends!”

We love to hear from all our customers! While the Jane team is growing, we’ve noticed that we spend a large amount of time collecting requests and updating customers on our current projects. So we thought, we could add a small feature for our community to see what we are working on and provide feedback on the ideas you’ve shared with us over the years.

You can expect us to keep this list updated with our currently planned projects, projects under review, and completed projects. You can also expect us to ask questions about your workflow and the issue your idea solves. We are a curious bunch at Jane HQ!

Once it’s on the roadmap, the feature is under construction and actively being worked on.

Friends of Jane

To our new friends, who just started with Jane and may be shy or timid — don’t worry, Jane doesn’t bite! Feel free to email support and ask questions about the features.

To our old friends, who have watched Jane blossom, we are still working hard to bring you more features and your requests have been heard. Here is your chance to champion the idea, add more information, join the discussion, and continue to provide feedback.

Most importantly, every one of you are kind, polite, and incredible individuals. We have a humble brag in the office to how gracious and loving our customers can be, so we encourage you to provide positive feedback to help Jane grow.

The Legal Jargon

We’re very appreciative of having you contribute your efforts to provide feedback on Jane’s features. Sometimes though, feedback collected from friends can create questions as to ownership of work and Jane wants you to be clear on what you are agreeing to by giving us this feedback:

• Jane will have exclusive ownership of all ideas, discoveries, developments, concepts, designs, improvements, inventions, formulae, algorithms, techniques, processes, translations, know how, trade secrets, software (source and object code) and other intellectual property, including all expressions of such intellectual property in tangible form, which are used in or relate to Jane’s business and which you conceive of or make for the Corporation or its subsidiaries or affiliates (together, “Inventions”), according to the feedback that you provide.

• By providing feedback and ideas, you hereby assign to Jane all rights, title and interest you may have, now or in the future, in and to the Inventions defined above. You waive your moral rights to any and all copyrights subsisting in the Inventions.

This includes the Acceptable Use Policy in the Terms and Services of Jane.

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