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US Insurance Billing Training

  • ​Missing the Insurers Tab? Adding the Insurance add-on to the Practice or Thrive Plan

    Are you trying to set up your Insurers but the tab seems to missing? It sounds like you might not be signed up for Jane’s insurance add-on. Heads up — the insurance add-on can be added to the Practice or Thrive plans.

  • US Insurance Step 1

    Welcome! If you signed up for Jane’s insurance plan, you are likely super eager to get started.

  • US Insurance Step 2

    If you plan to bill based on the applicable procedural codes, you’ll need to set up your clinic fees! CPT codes are required to have an assigned fee for claim submission.

  • US Insurance Step 3

    You’re almost ready to start billing! For paper (CMS-1500) and electronic (EDI Files) claim submissions, you’ll need to add some identifying information for your business, locations, and staff members.

  • Start Billing 1: Patient Insurance

    Now that you’ve set up your insurance features, you can start submitting insurance claims. Woo-hoo!

  • Start Billing 2: CPT & Diagnosis codes

    Once you have created a new insurance policy on a patient’s profile, you can start insuring that patient’s visit(s) for electronic claims.

  • Start Billing 3: Insuring the Visit

    If you have not done so already, please go through the US Insurance Set Up Steps first.

  • Start Billing 4: Claim Management & CMS1500 Forms

    All insurance claims are managed under the main Billing tab in Jane.

  • Start Billing 5: EDI Claim Submission

    Jane has an 837p EDI generation tool to help manage your claim submissions. An 837p EDI file is sort of like an electronic version of a CMS1500 form. In Jane, you can select a bunch of claims you’d like to submit, and either:

  • Start Billing 6: Posting Insurer Payments & EOBs

    Insurer payments can be posted in two different ways depending on how you receive insurer remittances.

  • US Insurance Training Survey

    Thanks for completing our US Insurance Billing Training. We hope you enjoyed what we have here so far and came out knowing a little bit more than you did before! If you have any questions on the content covered in this course, our lovely support team would love to hear from you. You can always co...

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