Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Account Basics

  • How To Check Who's Listed As Account Owner

    From time to time, we’ve seen cases where an admin staff is listed as the Account Owner. When they leave a clinic, no one else including the real clinic owner can manage the Jane subscription. This can leave the real owner without a way to:

  • Checklist for Starting with Jane

    So you’ve signed up for Jane! Here’s a list of most of the common setup tasks that you’ll want to go through.

  • Browser & Operating System Requirements

    To ensure your data is secure being sent to and from Jane, we only support browsers, calendar applications and operating systems which support the secure TLS version 1.2. We no longer support the insecure TLS 1.1 or 1.0 versions.

  • Device & Network Recommendations

    Since Jane is a web-based application, we’ll need a connection to the internet highway. How much of a connection? Here are our recommendations for a smooth ride:

  • Using Jane on a Tablet

    The easiest way for practitioners to view Jane on their tablet is to use the Day Sheet view at the top.  Click the patient appointment once to open the chart and then again to open the appointment details pane.  It would look like this:

  • Using Jane on a Smartphone

    If you’re away from your clinic and you need to access Jane, you’re in luck: Jane works on the go too. You can access all of Jane’s features through your smartphone. Simply open your phone’s web browser and enter your clinic’s URL to load the app.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    That’s why there are a number of keyboard shortcuts you can use to navigate the Schedule with fewer clicks.

  • Auto-Logout Duration

    By default, Jane asks your staff to sign in with their username and password after 1 week of inactivity, but we understand that you may want to set a different duration.

  • Change Your Clinic Email Address & Phone Number

    When you first open your Jane account, the email address you provide will be the one that automatically gets set as the address where you will receive Jane notifications and/or replies and responses from all clients using online booking.

  • Log In Help: Username and Password

    💡 Did you know you can enable 2-Step Verification on your staff profile as an extra layer of security in addition to your password? Enabling this feature means you’ll receive a one-time SMS code to your mobile phone as part of the login process. Check out our guide to learn more.

  • Enabling Patient Self Check-in

    Something that comes up regularly is clinics and practitioners who want to allow their patients to self check-in when they arrive for their visit.

  • Adding a Location

    You might be a mobile practice and work in several different locations with different availability, or you might have multiple physical practices that share practitioners, client or patient base and branding.

  • Booking a Break on a Mobile Device (Phone or other Small Screen)

    Let’s face it, we do a lot from our phones these days. Here’s how you can block off time on your schedule using your phone. Small screens sometimes require a bit of a design change because only so much can fit!

  • Moving Your Practice to a New Location

    Often clinics will re-locate to a new physical location. This could be because of a lease expiring, or the need for more space, or a solo practitioner with their own account changing practices.

  • Multiple Locations or Multiple Accounts: How to Set Up Jane for Independent Locations or Practitioners

    When you’re deciding how to set up your Jane account, one thing that comes up quite often is whether you need multiple locations within a single Jane account or multiple accounts. This might be a question when you have:

  • The Settings Tab (Full Access) - Settings

    A lot of this will have been autopopulated from the information you entered when you were signing up for Jane, but you can always come back here and make changes. The basic information is at the top, and then you can scroll down to the bottom to view your specific location details. If you only ha...

  • Timeline for Transitioning to Jane

    You can sign up anytime on our website here, and use the Begin button. Just sign up for the number of Full-Time equivalent licenses that makes sense for you. This license number will not affect the number of staff you can add, it simply sets your subscription fee.

  • Accessibility in Jane

    It’s important to us that Jane is accessible to all our users. Inclusivity is a key part of our culture and our product development process 💙

  • Jane Desktop App

    Jane Desktop is a new tool that installs Jane right on your computer! Don’t be alarmed though, it’s the same Jane you use in your web browser, but in a more convenient package.

  • I Can't Access my Jane Account: A Troubleshooting Guide

    If you’re looking for help resetting your username or password, that can be found here.

  • How to Archive a Treatment/Session

    Are there Treatments/Sessions in your list that you’d like to remove? No problem! If you’re a Full Access user, you can ask Jane to tuck them away for you by Archiving them.

  • Bookmarking Your Jane Account for Easy Access

    Welcome to the world of efficiency! If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to access your Jane account from your web browser in just one click — meet your new best friend ✨bookmarks.✨

  • Viewing Protected Financial Documents (For Clients)

    This guide assumes that your clinic requires that you sign in to access your financial document. Financial documents cannot be viewed from the My Account area directly. If you’re missing a copy of an invoice, you’ll need to reach out to the clinic directly so they can resend it to you.

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