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How To Check Who's Listed As Account Owner

From time to time, we’ve seen cases where an admin staff is listed as the Account Owner, but when they leave a clinic, no one remaining, including the clinic owner, can authorize the export or transfer of charts. In these cases, Jane has no authority to change the name of the Account Owner.

For more information on the legal side of all this, please see our Terms of Use.

It’s a great idea to make it a regular practice to just double check who is listed as the Account Owner on every Jane Account.

If you are a Full Access user or the Account Owner, you’ll be able to head into Settings and choose Staff Permissions. Whoever is listed as the owner will have a black badge saying, ‘Account Owner’ next to their name.

If that badge is next to the wrong name, here’s what you can do:

  • Step One: make sure that the actual Account Owner has a staff profile set up with an active email, username, and password and is able to access the Jane account. If they aren’t able to access Jane when you transfer ownership to them, no one in the account will be able to access those important permissions.

  • Step Two: if you are listed as the Account Owner in error, click the blue Transfer Ownership text next to the correct person’s name. If you should be listed as the Account Owner and aren’t, you can ask whoever is currently listed to Transfer Ownership to you.

If you’re interested in more information on keeping your data safe, have a look at this Guide as well: Security and Privacy Best Practices.

Hope this helps!

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