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How To Check Who's Listed As Account Owner

From time to time, we’ve seen cases where an admin staff is listed as the Account Owner. When they leave a clinic, no one else including the real clinic owner can manage the Jane subscription. This can leave the real owner without a way to:

  • Update the credit card paying for the Jane subscription
  • Authorize chart exports for practitioners leaving the clinic
  • Or make any other changes to their Jane subscription

As the data processor, Jane is unable to change who the Account Owner is, or determine who the Jane Account Owner should be. For more information on Jane’s role concerning Account Ownership, please see our Terms of Use.

That being said, it’s a great idea to regularly check who the Account Owner is and make sure it’s the right person.

How to find out who the Account Owner is

For most staff members, you can go to the Staff tab and click on a staff member’s name in the left sidebar menu to open up their profile. If they are the Account Owner, they’ll have a black Account Owner badge next to their name:

Alternatively, Full Access users can head into Settings and go to Staff Permissions. Whoever is listed as the Account Owner will have a black Account Owner badge next to their name:

What to do if the Account Owner is the wrong person

If the Account Owner badge is next to the wrong name, the current Account Owner can transfer ownership to the right person by following these steps:

  1. Create a Staff Profile for the real Account Owner, if they don’t have one already.
  2. Make sure that person can successfully log into their Jane staff profile before you transfer ownership to them. If they can’t log into Jane after you transfer ownership to them, no one in the account will be able to undo this action or maintain the subscription.
  3. Going to Settings > Staff Permissions and clicking Transfer Ownership next to the staff member of your choosing:

Clicking on the blue Transfer Ownership text will prompt Jane to confirm this is an action that you’d continue with. Once you click Yes, Transfer Ownership, Jane will make this new person the Jane Account Owner:

Please note that once you’ve transferred ownership, this cannot be undone unless the new Account Owner transfers ownership back to you. So just make sure you’re ready before you make the final click!

If you’re a Jane Account Owner and need help with any of these steps or if the current Account Owner is unable to transfer ownership due to extenuating circumstances, please email [email protected].

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