Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Checklist for Starting with Jane

So you’ve signed up for Jane! Here’s a list of most of the common setup tasks that you’ll want to go through.

Disciplines and Treatments

For guidance on these first two tasks, read this guide on Setting Up Disciplines. All these are available under the Settings menu.

  • Set up additional disciplines - Jane will have set up a single discipline through the setup wizard, but if you have a multi-disciplinary practice, you’ll want to set up your additional disciplines.

  • Set up additional treatments - Create any additional treatments that you want to offer to your patients.

Staff and Shifts

  • Set up your additional staff - If you have additional practitioners working with you, or you need to set up your admins, check out our guide docs on Setting up Staff.

  • Create additional shifts - You’ll probably want to set up some additional shifts for yourself or any new practitioners that you’ve added, so check out this guide doc on Adding Staff Shifts.

Electronic charting

Before you get started on charting for the first time, you might want to check out our tips for switching to electronic charts.

  • Create chart templates - See our doc on creating a chart template and also check out the template library to see all the templates that other (real life!) practitioners have contributed to Jane.

  • Create online intake forms - See our doc on intake forms so that you can build online intake forms that can be sent out automatically to your new patients.


There’s lots that you can do to manage your practice with Jane, so we’ve developed our very own Jane University with “courses” specific to how you’ll be using Jane on a daily basis:

Jane is also dedicated to providing our clinics with continued and ongoing support even after they’ve gotten settled in. Many of our FAQs can be found in our Guide and Videos support anytime. We’ve even built a feature into Jane that allows you to email our support team directly from your Jane account.


Jane can import your patient list, appointment data (past and future bookings), product list, and electronic charts, provided that they’re in a format that we can use. The only thing that we can’t import is billing data (invoices and payments). Our basics of importing to Jane and diving deeper into imports guides will give you some additional information about our imports, but here are some of the key tasks. (We recommend that you have completed all the tasks below before doing your import so that once the import is completed, you can switch immediately over to Jane).

  • Book your import - Head to Settings > Schedule an Import > Begin in your Jane account to get started. You can review our guide document here: Scheduling Your Import

  • Export your data - You’ll need to consult your existing vendor if you’re not sure how to get the data out of the system.

  • Upload your data - Head to Settings > Schedule an Import > View Details in your Jane account to upload your data to us.

Once we have your data, we’ll process it and import it. We’ll send you an email once your import is complete and a Jane team member will even check-in on you the next day to ensure everything went smoothly. Here’s a handy checklist of to-dos for After Your Import.

What’s Next

Have fun using your new Jane account!

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