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Diving Deeper Into Importing to Jane

Maybe you had a technical background before becoming a practitioner or perhaps you are a technical consultant hired to ensure that your client’s import goes as smoothly as possible. Either way, it sounds like you want to get a bit more detailed about importing to Jane.

What specific pieces of data can Jane import, you ask?

Below is the comprehensive list of fields that Jane will populate so that you can label the column headings of the CSV or Excel file that you plan to upload to your import request to ensure that all your data lands smoothly into Jane.

Patient fields:

  • Patient Number
  • Member Since
  • First Name (Required)
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name (Required)
  • Email
  • Home Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Work Phone
  • Fax Phone
  • Street Address
  • Street Address 2
  • City
  • Province
  • Postal
  • Country
  • Birth Date
  • Sex
  • Personal Health Number
  • Referral Source
  • Referred To
  • Marketing Email Opt-In
  • Family Doctor Name
  • Family Doctor Phone
  • Family Doctor Email
  • Guardian Name
  • Medical Alert
  • Emergency Contact Name
  • Emergency Contact Phone
  • Emergency Contact Relationship
  • Occupation
  • Employer
  • Referring Professional Name
  • Referring Professional Email
  • Deceased At
  • Discharged At
  • Active/Inactive

Appointment fields:

  • Location Name
  • Appointment Start Date & Time (Required)
  • Appointment End Date & Time
  • Patient Number
  • Patient First Name (Required)
  • Patient Last Name (Required)
  • Treatment Name
  • Treatment Price
  • Treatment Duration
  • Staff Member Name (Required)
  • Status
  • Notes

Product fields:

  • Product Code
  • Product Name (Required)
  • Info
  • SKU
  • Supplier Name
  • Manufacturer Name
  • MSRP
  • Price (Required)
  • Cost
  • Quantity
  • Reorder Quantity
  • Notes
  • Tax Name

Treatment and Services fields:

  • Name (Required)
  • Description
  • Duration (Required)
  • Price (Required)
  • Discipline Name (Required)
  • Tax Name

Custom Billing Codes

Jane has libraries of standardly used codes including CPT, ICD-10, ICD-9, Teleplan, and Pacific Blue Cross, however, if your clinic has some custom codes, our imports team is able to import them to Jane on your behalf. The following are required fields for importing your Custom Billing Codes:

  • Label (Required)
  • Fee Code (Required)
  • Amount

Insurance Policy fields:

  • Patient Number
  • Patient Name (Required)
  • Insurer Name (Required)
  • Claim Name
  • Claim Number (Required) (for US accounts, this will be the Member Id for the insurance policy)
  • Policy Number
  • Status (Required)
  • End Date
  • Adjuster Name
  • Adjuster Phone
  • Adjuster Email
  • Max Treatments
  • Number of Treatments
  • Injury Date
  • Note

Insurer fields:

  • Insurer Name (Required)
  • Street Address
  • Street Address 2
  • City
  • Province
  • Postal
  • Phone
  • Portal URL


  • Patient name or ID
  • Signing doctor
  • Signing date
  • Entered date

While most chart imports use an excel spreadsheet to point the filename of the chart to the correct patient, there are also two other approaches that we have seen and can successfully work with to bring your charts into Jane.

Option 1

Jane can easily import your chart notes when the filename of each PDF contains the patient’s first name, last name, and a unique identifier like a birthday, Personal Health Number, or patient id number.

Option 2

Jane can import your chart notes when all the PDFs for a given patient are contained within a folder and the folder name contains the patient’s first name, last name and a unique identifier like birthday, Personal Health Number, or patient id number.

Important Note: For appointments and claims, either the patient number or name is required and at least one unique identifier so that Jane doesn’t mistake a father for a son or mother for a daughter who may share the same name for example.

For a refresher on the file formats in which Jane can import charts, patient demographics, appointments and more, you can refer back to our Basics of Importing to Jane guide. Or if you are ready to Schedule Your Import you can head to Settings > Schedule an Import > Begin so we know when to expect your data, who to contact, how we can contact you, and when you or your client need to be live.

We understand that no two imports are the same, for example, you may have some data that you want to store in Jane that may not have a dedicated field. In these cases, we can often import this data as a note on your patients profile. So if you have any questions along the way or are working with data that can’t export to Excel or CSV formats, please email us at [email protected] or by calling 1-844-310-5263 (JANE) to discuss your options. We don’t like to brag but our imports team is pretty magical. :)

Happy importing!

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