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Post Import FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get after an import.

You can also take a look at our more detailed guide, After Your Import: What to Expect!

Patient FAQs

Appointments FAQs

Charts FAQs

Notification FAQs

Product FAQs

Insurance FAQs

How do I review my patients? Where can I find a list of all my patients?

You can see your full list of patients by going to Reports > Patient List. Please confirm that the total number of patients displayed in this list matches what you expected to import.

Why do I only see a small list of my patients?

To keep Jane’s performance quick, she does not load your full patient list under the Patients tab. As soon as you start searching for a patient name, they will show up! Select the patient to view their profile information.

Where is patient X? Why doesn’t patient X have a phone number?

Follow me over to our troubleshooting guide to start the hunt for this patient and their information.

What should I do if there are duplicate patient profiles?

Let’s say you have multiple patient profiles in your previous software program. No problem, Jane makes it easy to merge patients with just a few clicks.

After your import, head over to Reports > Potential Duplicates. Here you can review the profiles with matching names, emails, or personal health numbers. Click the Merge button to merge these potential duplicates, or you can leave them separated if they are truly different profiles.

Read more here: Merging Patients

Why do all my appointments have an “Import - ” prefix?

In order to protect the integrity of your data, we keep all original appointment names when we import. So you’ll see any imported appointments in your schedule with treatment names like “Import - 60 Minute Treatment.” Any of these imported treatment types will need to be reassigned to one of the treatments you’ve created in Jane.

You have a few options to deal with these:

  1. Updating All Imported Appointments at Once
  2. Updating Individual Treatments

Where is appointment X? I’m missing an appointment, can you help me?

Happy to help! The first step to finding missing data can be found here: Reviewing Import Data

Why are all my breaks notes? Why are all my appointments grey?

Appointments without an associated patient are imported as breaks, which appear grey by default. If your appointment file includes break notes from your previous software, they can be imported to Jane as part of a break.

I can’t find my charts. What do I do?

Jane’s has multiple access levels to help determine the visibility of a chart.

The first step is to connect with the Account Owner to ensure you have the proper access level.

Two settings to review are the permissions to view others’ charts, as well as the chart entries’ visibility.

Why do my patients only have one chart?

Every software exports information differently. We have encountered a few different software that export one PDF per patient. If your previous software has exported your patient’s information as one PDF, it will be imported into Jane as a single file.

Will my patients be notified when they are imported?

No, we disable reminders and notifications during the import. You can enable this feature after the import by heading to Settings > Reminders & Notifications. Check out Step 4 and Step 5 for more details.

Can I send my patients an email letting them know I moved systems?

Yes! We have just the welcome letter to help you do this. Check out Step 5 for more details.

Why are taxes are not appearing on my products?

Our team does not include taxes when importing products unless the taxes are specifically listed in the file provided.

To review the data we imported, read more here: Reviewing Import Data

How do I remove the tax on my products?

If you only need to remove taxes from a couple of products, head over to Settings > Products and select Edit on the item. You can update the product details from here.

Where can I view my inventory?

Head over to Reports on the top blue bar and click Inventory under the Billing heading.

Where do I find my insurance information?

There are two places to review insurance information.

First, you can head over to Settings > Insurers to see the list of 3rd Party Billing settings. Second, you can find and review any patient’s insurance details by heading to Patient Profile > Billing > Claims. Note you must have insurers created first under Settings > Insurers to add patient insurance.

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