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After Your Import: What to Expect!

So you just had an import, what next? Where is everything? What does it look like?

Let’s start our Jane journey (say that five times fast!) together and walk through some of the common things.

I’ll also leave this guide here, too, as it offers some of this information in a much more concise format:

Post Import FAQs

For each of the following sections, we also have a video going through the information as well if you’d prefer to go over some of this in that form!

You can see our showcase here, After Your Import: Video Tour

The detailed guide below gives a bit more context to some of the post-import areas, but these videos will be a great place for you to get familiar with Jane.

Client List and Profiles

The most natural thing to go to is your Client tab at the top of your Jane menu to see all of your clients.

When you first click on that, your initial reaction might be, “Wait, where are all of my clients?!”

Don’t worry, they’re there! Jane only loads 50 profiles when you click the Clients tab. If your account has hundreds or thousands of client profiles, this would take quite a lot of work to load every single time you just wanted to search for a client, so we only load a select amount here.

From this section, there’s a client search bar in the top left corner, though, that you can search your entire client database for any and all clients.

If you’d like to see a full client count and your entire client list in your account, you can head over to Reports > Client List which will give you an exportable full list.

Only the Account Owner or a Full Access user will be able to see that.

Appointments and Your Schedule

Nice, you were able to bring your appointment history over to Jane. That’s pretty sweet.

To access your schedule and appointments, you’ll want to click on Schedule in the top left of your Jane menu.

When importing appointments, Jane will match any treatments you’ve created in your account to what’s in your provided data. If a treatment name matches between you’re created treatments and the treatment name in the appointment file, Jane will assign that to the correct treatment for you, saving you some time.

However, should there be small variances in the name or a treatment that has yet to be created, you’ll notice these appointments on the schedule look like Import - Treatment Name to better help you identify the imported data vs. what’s already in there.

There are two things that you can do to make sure that all of these look good and get reassigned to treatments that you’ve created in your Jane account.

Reassigning Appointments (Updating All Imported Appointments At Once)
Updating an Imported Appointment Individually

Besides cleaning up the treatments in your account, maybe you can’t see them. There are a couple of different reasons for that!

The first one, your account is so new and fresh that you haven’t assigned yourself a Discipline! You’ll want to go to Staff > Your Name > Edit > Select Discipline.

This will make sure that you show up on the schedule as a staff member that treats clients, and you should be able to see your appointments now.

The other possibility is that your staff profile name didn’t exactly match the staff information in the data that you provided us.

As an example, your new staff profile in Jane, you’ve created that with the first name Mike but in your previous software your name was displayed as Michael.

No sweat, easy fix! What you’ll want to do is Merge Your Staff Profiles so that everything under that other profile will appear under the one you use in Jane now.

Charts and Notes

So you’re really fancy and you also were able to get your client charts, notes, and/or files from your previous software to import into Jane.

What now? Where are they? How do I read them?

You’re going to want to open up a client profile, you can do that by clicking the previously demonstrated Clients tab and searching for a client, and then selecting Chart in their profile menu.

So now that you’re there, maybe they don’t appear as what you were expecting, or the dates aren’t correct. Here are a couple of things to note when we import charts.

  • If you provided a CSV file for text charts, if the Date was present, we imported it as that, but if not, we import charts as the day the import occurred.
  • If you provided us with PDF files or another image type file for your charts, the date would have needed to be present in each individual file name, or a provided CSV file listing which file goes to which client on which date.
  • Had PDFs that were multiple pages but you only see 1? Click the image to view the entire PDF right within Chrome or another browser.
  • Strange formatting occurred, how do we fix that? We can sometimes clean up poorly formatted text charts from another software, but we are limited in the extent that we can organize that data to get into Jane.
  • If the chart author is not correct, or a second profile is made due to the staff name not matching the data you gave us, you can Merge Your Staff Profiles again as well.

What about my admin notes for clients?

If they were a part of the client demographics file or the appointment file, then we uploaded them directly onto the client profile. Cool, right?

On the client profile, you can scroll down and on the bottom right portion, you’ll see that note there and the author as well. We can alternatively import these as charts for you as well.

Insurers and Insurance Policies

We imported insurance policies, so where can you see that information? Great question, you’ve got a lot today and I like it.

To see your insurers and the open policies and other information, you’ll be able to go to Billing > Select Insurer and all of the policies will appear under here.

You can also go straight into a client’s profile and select Billing > Insurance Policies and select View on the policy you’d like to view details for or make changes to.

Products and Inventory

You’ve imported products that you sell outside of services to Jane, now where are they and how do we use them?

If you want to see a list of your inventory, product amounts, etc., you can head over to Reports > Inventory.

Now if you wanted to edit some information or taxes on products, you can go to Settings > Products to see everything in your inventory in a place where you can Edit them as well.

Do you see anything else you’re not sure of?

Jane has lots of moving parts to her and we try to provide as much information as possible, but if you see something that wasn’t quite covered here or something different altogether, these guides are a great place to start your search, but always feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Welcome to Jane!

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