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After Your Import is Complete

Your import is complete! Great, just a few final to-dos to get you up and running. 🚀

Note: Some of these steps may not apply to you depending on what data was imported.

1. Appointment To-Dos

In order to protect the integrity of your data, we keep all original appointment names when we import. So you’ll see any imported appointments in your schedule with treatment names like “Import - 60 Minute Treatment.” Any of these imported treatment types will need to be reassigned to one of the treatments you’ve created in Jane!

Here’s how you can reassign them:

Option 1 - Update All Imported Appointments at Once (Most Common)

Under Settings > Treatments, Classes & Group Appointments, you can Reassign all your imported appointments to your existing appointment types in Jane, all at the same time. Hop into the guide below for more information on how to reassign treatments in Jane:

Reassigning Appointments (Updating All Imported Appointments At Once)

Option 2 - Update Imported Appointments One by One

The second option is to update each individual appointment on the schedule one at a time. This works well if you only have a few appointments, or if you only had one treatment type in your old software.

Updating an Imported Appointment Individually

2. Patient List To-Dos

Check your patient list to confirm that the total number of patients displayed on the list, matches what you expected to import.

To keep Jane’s performance quick, she does not load your full patient list under the Patients tab. So you may see an empty list when you first open up your Patients tab - but if you start searching you’ll see your patients show up!

You can see your full list of patients by going to Reports > Patient List. Please confirm that the total number of patients displayed on this list matches what you expected to import.

3. Chart To-Dos

Take a look at your charts to make sure they came across okay.

You can see all imported chart notes for a practitioner by heading to the Staff tab > Select Staff Name > Charts

4. Re-enable Reminders

As a part of the import process, we have disabled your email reminders.

After you review your schedule, you can re-enable any email reminders you have set up. Just head over to Settings > Reminders & Notifications, then click on the name of any disabled reminder > click the checkbox for Enabled > then click Save.

5. Mass Welcome Email

When you first get started with Jane, one of the things you might consider is sending out a Mass Welcome Email. This email prompts clients with an email address on file to set up a username and password for their online account - just like the one you received to set up your staff account.

Sending out a Mass Welcome Email can help lower the number of duplicate accounts created as it prompts your existing clients with profiles now in Jane to link themselves up!

You can customize the message and choose to send this out from the Settings > Mass Welcome Email area.

A Few Final Tips

  • You can send a message to our support team using the “Need Help?” button at the top right of your account.
  • You can use the “cog” icon at the bottom right to adjust how your schedule displays. Turn on or off the photos, change the grouping by discipline, or zoom to make the appointments a more convenient size.
  • You can change the opening and closing time of your schedule by heading to Settings > Schedule Settings

Note: We generally suggest setting the opening time to an hour before you usually take your first patient, and your closing time to an hour after you usually take your last. It just gives you a bit more flexibility, but will not determine when patients are able to book online– that is determined by the shifts that you set up.

Perfect! We are passionate about Jane working well for your practice - so please feel free to get in touch if you run into any trouble :)

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