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Jane to Jane Chart Transfer (Data Transfers)

This guide walks you through our Data Replication Tool in accounts, accessible by the Account Owner, which allows Account Owners to initiate chart transfers automatically for practitioners to another account.

We’ve also got a quick Data Transfer FAQ guide that goes over some of the most commonly asked questions.

To access “Data Transfers” in an account, a Jane team member is required to enable that for you. Please reach out when you’re ready and we can ensure you’re ready to go.

Please Note: This is only for charts, if you are planning on moving over other information such as appointments or insurance policies, that information would be imported using a regular import. You will need to retrieve files such as your Patient List, Appointments Report, Insurance Policies, or Inventory and then schedule an import in your new account, or pass these off to your new account owner to do so.

You can read more about that here, Importing from Another Jane Account. We do not under any circumstances move these on your behalf and must be presented in an import in the destination account.

If a Patient List is not provided to the practitioner, these basics demographics transfer for identification purposes:

  • First and Last Name
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Address
  • Health Number
  • Date of Birth

To get started, please reach out to your account owner of the original account to get started by going to Settings > Data Transfers > Begin Data Replication.

If you wish to transfer charts on a specific date, we recommend not starting this process until the desired date. Once all parties have signed, the chart transfer will automatically run.

Account Owners, Please Note:

If you are transferring a complete set of a practitioner’s authored charts, you can go ahead and use this method.

However, if you are looking to transfer only a specific set of patients (if a practitioner has seen 100 patients, but some belong to another practitioner from a locum and should not be transferred, for example), you can reach out to support as we will need to manually send out authorization, and you will be required to provide the practitioner with a patient list outlining which patients to transfer that they can provide to us in an import.

You can follow this guide on manual authorization instead of this hands-off feature guide.

Data Ownership

First a quick note on ownership. In Jane’s eyes, every Jane Account Holder is the one who “owns” the Jane data. It is completely up to the current account holder as to whether you release that data to your practitioner who is leaving, and the legality and details of chart ownership is something that differs widely by discipline, clinic, country and contract. Ensuring that everyone is on the same page when data is transferred is of top priority, so that informs our procedure below.

Transfer Limitations

Transferring information has the following limitations

  • Billing data cannot be moved from one Jane account to another. The Sales report from the old account can be exported for historical records, but it will need to be stored outside of the new Jane account.

  • Intake forms will not be able to be imported as wholly completed forms. The patient demographic data will be included in the patient list and the questionnaires will be part of the patient’s chart record (If multiple intake forms were completed, these will be included. Exception being if any forms were linked specifically to another practitioner - these will not be transferred). Consent information is specific to the original account and will not be exported.

  • Intake Form Templates and Chart Templates can’t be transferred. Chart Templates can be shared in our public Jane Template Library and then added into the other account that way, but intake forms will need to be recreated.

  • No data is removed from the original Jane clinic. The relevant data will be copied into the new account, but no data will be (or can be) removed from the original Jane account.

Transferring Charts

You can transfer charts to another account using our built-in data replication tool.

This process requires account owners and practitioners (whose charts will be transferred) to acknowledge and authorize the chart transfer.

There are options for the source account owner to authorize the transfer of the following chart types:

  • Practitioner authored charts. Just those charts authored by the practitioner you choose. So even if you share patients, only those entries authored by the practitioner requested will transfer. If you require only specific patients chart to be transferred please contact [email protected]

  • Patient authored Intake Form Charts. Chart entries created when a patient fills out an Intake Form will be included. These are only for patients with whom the practitioner has had an appointment. If multiple intake forms were completed, these will be included (something to consider for multi-disciplinary clinics). Any intake forms specifically associated to another practitioner will not be transferred.

  • Admin Authored charts. Any upload or chart created by administrators for the transfer staff member’s patients.

Nothing authored by any other practitioner will transfer and again, no entries will be deleted or removed from the original account. Everything is only copied.

This video is a great overview of the whole process, though, the entire guide is helpful at each step of the way for visual queues of what action to take!

Data Transfers from Jane Clinic Management on Vimeo.


The chart transfer process will need to be initiated by the current account owner.

Settings > Data Transfers > Begin Data Replication

Read the important information on the first screen and click Next

Search and select for the practitioner whose charts will be transferred;

Choose what type of charts you authorize to transfer.

Set a Question and Answer (You will need to pass this answer along to the practitioner) > Click Next

On the next page, you will get a summary of the data to transfer. Enter the practitioners email address

Read and sign the declaration and click Confirm Data Replication

That’s it! The original account owner’s part is done.


The practitioner will receive an email to the address specified by the account owner in the previous steps.

Click Review Transfer Details This step will allow you review the information the source account owner has chosen to transfer, as well as enter in the destination account where the charts will be copied to.

Should you not be logged into the source account for verification, Jane will bring you there to do so. Once you have logged in to verify yourself, come back to click this link in the email to be brought to the next page. Inactive staff members will not have access to the account, but will still need to login to verify their identify

Next, enter the answer to the security question provided by the source account owner > Click Continue

Confirm the included data is correct. Then, enter the destination account Jane URL.

Make sure the clinic address that comes up is correct.

Then, read and sign the declaration. Click Agree & Transfer

That’s it! The practitioner’s part is done.


The destination account owner will receive an email advising them of a pending chart transfer for their account. Click Review Transfer Details.

Confirm a replication of the data is to be imported to the final account. Read & Sign the declaration then click Agree & Transfer.

That’s it! The practitioner’s charts will be transferred. All the progress is recorded in the Settings > Data Transfers area.

Exporting Charts to PDF (No Transfer)

If you are just looking to export your charts as a batch to transfer to another system or software, you can go to our guide Batch Chart Export for Practitioners to see how to do that.

We can provide a one-time batch export of charts that includes all chart entries in clearly labeled PDFs and a CSV file that matches all of the chart entries to the correct Jane Patient Profile. This format is both easily accessed without any special proprietary software and is also simple to import into a different clinic management software.

Patient List, Appointment Data, Insurance Policies, or Product Information

Transferring this data will need to be handled much like any other import. Have a look at our guide to step you through this - Importing from Jane.

Should you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to our support team at any time.

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