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How to Import Data to Jane (Overview)

Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of the entire Import process.

Note 💡: Only staff members with Full Access to the Jane account are able to schedule an import. For more information on what each access level can do in an account, check out our Staff Access Levels guide for more details.

Step 1: Import Basics, File Types, & Requirements

Get started by reviewing the following guide: Basics of Importing

This page covers what we can import, file types and requirements, as well as some of the Common Software We Import From. This list is not exhaustive! If you don’t see your current provider on the list, simply follow the details about our general import.

Sometimes you just want to see things in a bit more detail. This guide gives you a deep dive into the comprehensive list of fields that Jane can import: Diving Deeper Into Importing.

Now that you understand the basics and the file type requirements, you’re ready to go ahead and schedule your import!

It all starts in Settings > Schedule an Import

You should see the blue Begin button to start the process. Don’t worry if you don’t have your data ready at this point - we just need to schedule the date.

First, you will be asked about what’s being imported and from what software:

Select the date you’ll be uploading your data on, as well as when you’d like the data to be complete. You can choose any date within the next month:

After filling out some last details about who we can contact if we have any questions about the data, click Submit Request.

The Jane team will review your request and send you a confirmation via email when your request has been accepted. You should see a review of your import plan and can make any changes here.

If you need to make any changes to your import request later on, just head back to Settings > Schedule an Import and click the View Details button to cancel or change your import details:

Step 3: Export Your Files

This step is generally the trickiest. Since Jane does not have direct contact with your clinic’s previous software provider, a representative from your clinic will need to export the data from your previous software and then upload your files into your secure import request in Jane.

For a list of what we can import and the providers we can import from, please visit our Diving Deeper Into Imports to see if we have an importing guide for your previous software provider.

Step 4: Reviewing Your Data Before Upload

Before uploading your data, we strongly recommend reviewing the files to ensure data is not missing or incorrectly placed in the wrong field.

So once you have attained your files from your previous software, begin by opening the files to review the information prior to uploading them in Jane’s secure import upload area.

You can learn more about reviewing your data for missing or misplaced information in this handy guide: Reviewing Data Before Import

Step 5: Uploading Your Data

After your import has been approved, the Settings > Schedule an Import should look a little different!

You should see a confirmation that your import is booked, and underneath you can find an area to upload your files:

  • If you can’t remember what file formats we can work with, please review the Basics of Importing guide.

When you finish uploading your files, make sure to click the “Done” button.

Step 6: The Import

You can now leave the rest up to us! You should see a list of the uploaded files and a review of your import plan.

We’ll send you a confirmation email with some housekeeping details once the import is finished, and at this point, you should be just about ready to start running with Jane.

And your transition is complete!

Step 7: Import Check-in

A Jane Support Team member will reach out the next day to check-in and ensure that your import went smoothly. They will be available to answer any questions you may have about your import or any questions you may have about using Jane at your clinic.

We understand that no two imports are the same and we are here to answer any questions you may have along the way. Or if you are working with data that can’t export to Excel or CSV formats, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-844-310-5263 (JANE) to discuss your options.

Happy Importing!

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