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Staff Access Levels

💡Heads up — this guide mentions some features that are not available on all plans. For more information, check out our pricing plans.

Do you need different privacy settings for your staff members? Or are you wondering which permissions or access level to give them?

Jane’s Staff Access Levels allow you to grant, remove, change, and limit staff member access to private or confidential information, client files, billings, and major settings in your Jane account so staff members only see what they need to see.

Note📝: Only a Full Access user or Account Owner can view and update the Staff Access Level and privacy settings of another staff member.

So what access levels exist and what can they do? Let’s take a look at the different permission levels:

And we’ll look at Jane’s more granular permissions and restrictions:

Updating a Staff Member’s Access Level

To change the privacy level of a staff account, a Full Access user has two options:

Option One:

Head over to the Settings tab, then click on Staff Permissions in the left sidebar menu. This is a quick way to view and edit the Role or permission level of a staff member all in one place.

Option Two:

Another way to view and edit the permissions is to head over to the Staff tab and click on the staff member’s name to open up their profile. From there, you’ll want to click on the Edit/Settings tab and then on Permissions & Commissions.

We know it can be tricky to remember what each access level grants, so we tucked in a short explanation of each role right for quick access.

In either place, you can update their Role and set additional permissions and restrictions, which affect their access level within the Jane account.

Jane Staff Access Levels / Roles

Each permission level in Jane provides staff members with the ability to see and do different things within the Jane account. It’s important to be aware of your compliance obligations and ensure every staff member has the right level of access to what they need for their job.

Let’s take a look at the different permission levels from the least amount of access to the most.

No Access

This permission level removes someone’s access to the administrative or staff side of Jane. It’s most often used for staff members who have left your practice and should no longer have staff privileges within the clinic:

A staff profile set to No Access will still be able to log in as a patient, but will not have staff-level access to Jane, which includes patient or client data, the admin schedule and reports.

Practitioner (Limited)

This permission level grants the most basic level of access to a Jane account and is the most popular privacy level for strict confidentiality needs, such as with mental health clinicians and therapists.

Staff Profiles set to Practitioner (Limited) can view the following:

  • Their own schedule and appointments
  • Their own staff profile
  • Their own billings, invoices, and metrics
  • Their own patients — specifically, those who have past or future appointments with the staff member

Under the general Settings tab for the Jane account, a profile set to this access level can only see the following options:

  • Dashboard with their own patient metrics
  • Emails to preview how Jane’s emails and notifications appear to clients
  • Forms & Surveys, but they can only see and create Clinical Surveys
  • Integrations, but they can only see Physitrack and Fullscript since multiple integrations can be set up for each of these platforms.

Note:📝 A Practitioner (Limited) staff profile may be able to see other staff members’ charts and client files if they have overlapping patients and if those charts are shared.

To prevent a staff member from accessing another staff member’s shared charts, you can remove their Access to Shared Charts permission

This access level also does not have access to the Messages tab with a patient’s profile. To confirm if a notification has been sent out, staff can head over to the Schedule tab, select the appointment and within the Appointment Panel scroll down to the History & Status section:

Practitioner / Front Desk

This permission level provides more front desk capabilities but still limits a person’s access to billing, reports, and major settings in Jane.

A staff profile with the Practitioner/ Front Desk role can:

  • View and Edit all patient or client profiles, including appointment history
  • View other staff member profiles (with limited information)
  • View other practitioners’ schedules at their own location
  • Process payments for appointments completed by other practitioners at the same location
  • Only see their own invoices and billing reports

Under the general Settings tab for the Jane account, a profile set to this access level can only see the following options:

  • Dashboard with their own patient metrics
  • Emails to preview how Jane’s emails appear
  • Forms & Surveys, but they can only see and create Clinical Surveys
  • Integrations for Physitrack and Fullscript, but they can only see and integrate their own Physitrack and Fullscript accounts

Because this role includes front desk capabilities, a staff member with the Practitioner / Front Desk access level can help manage a patient’s current bookings at any location from within the patient’s profile, but they can’t see the Schedule of locations they’re not listed at.

Practitioner / Front Desk (All Locations)

This permission level is essentially the same as Practitioner / Front Desk. It has no additional permissions other than:

  • Being able to see all staff member schedules and client appointments
  • Being able to book appointments at any location — not just the locations they’re opted-in to

A profile with the permission level of Practitioner / Front Desk (All Locations) can still only see their own invoices and billing reports and has the same access to clinic Settings as Practitioner / Front Desk.

Front Desk

This permission level is very similar to the Practitioner / Front Desk access levels but with a few more billing permissions so they can handle day-end procedures. They won’t be able to see any of the staff settings like the Permissions & Commissions tab within a staff member’s profile.

Someone who is set to Front Desk can:

  • View all staff members’ invoices, schedules, and patient profiles
  • Book and manage appointments for patients in any location
  • Access the same clinic Settings as the Practitioner access levels

When it comes to Reports, a Front Desk staff member will only see their own billing information, like the other Practitioner access levels. However, they can see clinic-wide information in the:

  • Transactions and Jane Payments Transactions Reports
  • Return Visit Reminders Report
  • Insurance Policies Report
  • Treatment Plans Report (if they have the Access to Shared Charts permission)

Under the Settings tab, they will have the same options as the Practitioner access levels.

Administrative / All Billing

This permission level has more access to billing and clinic-wide settings.

A staff profile set to the Administrative / All Billing permission level can:

  • View all staff members’ invoices, schedules, and patients
  • Unapply payments (but only if the payment was received that day)
  • Create and manage Tags, Treatments, Products, Packages, and Memberships settings
  • Create and manage Insurers, Billing Codes, Fillable Forms, the Reconciliation Date, and Teleplan Info settings

When it comes to Reports, an Administrative / All Billing staff member can see:

  • All Appointments Reports
  • All Billing Reports
  • Potential Duplicates Report
  • Referral Report
  • Treatment Plans Report

Under the Settings tab, they’ll have access to the following clinic-wide settings:

  • Dashboard: View for all staff
  • Treatments, Classes & Group Appointments: They can create and edit the clinic appointment types
  • Products: They can edit and create new products
  • Packages and Memberships: They can create new packages and memberships
  • Reconciliation Date: They can set this date and it’ll apply to clinic-wide billings

For those on the Insurance Plan, staff profiles with this access level can view the following:

  • Billing Codes can be created and edited
  • Insurers can be created and edited
  • Fillable Forms can be created
  • Teleplan Info for the integration can be updated for those located in BC

Full Access

This permission level has access to nearly everything in the Jane account. They can:

  • See all reports and clinic billings
  • Create new staff members and manage their access level, information, and preferences
  • Manage all clinic settings

Full Access is usually reserved for a trusted office manager or administrator. They have the highest level of access, aside from the Account Owner.

Account Owner

There is only one Account Owner per Jane account and they are considered the legal custodian of data. This permission level by default will have Full Access to the Jane account and is the only staff profile that can additionally:

  • Manage the Jane subscription
  • Update the credit card paying for the subscription
  • Authorize the bulk export or transfer of data
  • Authorize the Jane Team to make changes to the account
  • Remove access from another Full Access user
  • Transfer ownership of the Jane account
  • Update the privacy level of another staff members’ charts
  • Delete intake forms and the charts of another staff member

It’s very important that Account Ownership is assigned to the right person at the clinic, as they are responsible for the subscription.

For more information on what Account Ownership means, see our guide doc on Who Should Be the Account Owner? for more details.

Additional Permissions and Restrictions

In addition to the Staff Access Roles, there are more granular permissions to further grant or restrict a staff member’s access to information.


If a staff profile is set to Active:

  1. Their profile will be visible in your Staff list and on Reports
  2. They can access the administrative side of Jane, as long as they’re not set to No Access, of course 😉

To remove a staff profile’s access to the administrative side of Jane, you can uncheck the Active box in the Staff Permissions area:

No Access vs Inactive — what’s the difference?

Setting a profile to have No Access means they won’t be able to log into the administrative side of Jane (although they can still log in as a patient).

On the other hand, making a profile Inactive means they won’t be able to log in as a staff member and they’ll be hidden from your schedule, staff list, and all reporting.

If a profile is Active but is set to No Access, it means this person can’t access your Jane account as a staff member, but you’ll be able to see them on reports and in your staff list if you need to retrieve historical information — handy come tax time.

To learn more about marking a staff profile as inactive, you can check out our guide doc on Deactivating a Staff Member for more detailed information.

Access Billing

This permission enables or disables all billing features for a staff member.

If Access Billing is enabled, the staff member will be able to take payments, sell products, manage insurance, and access billing data according to their Role / Staff Access Level.

If Access Billing is disabled, they will lose all access to billing features in Jane. A staff member without Access Billing is unable to:

  • See the Pay button and accept payment for appointments
  • See or add insurance policies for appointments
  • Sell or use products, packages, and memberships
  • Access the Billing tab at the top of Jane or within a patient’s profile
  • Access any invoices or billing reports
  • Access any of their own financial data

Here’s what they’ll be able to see in the Appointment Panel once they click on an appointment on the schedule:

Access Charts

This permission (also known as the “View Charts Shared by Other Staff” permission) is the ability for a staff member to see chart notes and files created by other staff members:

If Access Charts is enabled, they’ll be able to see charts authored by other practitioners, as long as those charts have been shared by the author:

If Access Charts is disabled, the staff member can still see and create their own charts. But they won’t be able to see anyone else’s charts:

You might consider removing Chart Access for an admin, bookkeeper, accountant, or other non-clinical staff who have no reason to view patient charts.

💡 If staff members are allowed to see some charts but not all, there are additional Chart Privacy Settings every staff member can use instead to make their own charts more or less private.

Manage Shifts

This permission allows or prevents staff members from working with Shifts in the Schedule:

If Manage Shifts is enabled, a staff member will be able to create, edit, and delete their own Shifts and the Shifts of any other practitioner whose Schedule they have permission to view:

If Manage Shifts is disabled, the Shifts button will disappear from the Schedule and the staff member will not be able to add, delete, or modify any Shifts on the schedule, including their own:

We understand that it can be a challenging topic to grasp, but we’re here to support you every step of the way. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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