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Staff Access Levels

You will often want to grant people different levels of access to your Jane account.

Jane offers you several ways to increase the Privacy of your account levels.

First, Open Staff Profile

Access Staff Profiles through the Staff Tab.

Use the “New Staff Member” button below the staff list to create a new profile, if necessary.

If you’re not creating a new profile, access Staff Profiles through the Staff Tab and then click on the staff member’s name.

Next, click “Edit/Settings” at the top OR “Edit” in the bottom right corner (both buttons do the same thing):

These buttons will open the Edit Staff Member screen:

Account Level

When you set up your staff members for the first time, you will be able to set a base level of access in their “Permissions and Commissions” Area.

And then to the Role Dropdown.

Let’s talk about what the different levels mean.

1. No Access

This is the lowest level of access and would make sense for a staff member or practitioner who has left your clinic. When set to “No Access”, this staff member will have absolutely no way to access the administrative side of Jane, although they will still be able to book in as a patient using the Online Booking if you have that available to your patients.

2. Practitioner (Limited)

This is the most basic access level at which a Practitioner/Limited can only see their own schedule. The client list is also scoped to only those that have a future appointment or that had an appointment with them in the past. All of the client’s profiles are also scoped to only appointments and invoices belonging to that therapist. Providers with this role will not be able to see the Messages tab within the patient profile as this may contain appointment information pertaining to other staff members at the clinic.

There’s no access to the Settings Tab, Permissions and Commissions, or to the patient Message tab. If the practitioner would like to see if a message was delivered to a patient, they can use the History and Status section on the appointment panel:

3. Practitioner/Front Desk and Practitioner/Front Desk (All locations)

At this level there are a number of areas of Jane that aren’t accessible. This is the most common access level for Practitioners or Therapists.

There’s no access to any clinic-wide Settings. So when logged in at this level, this is what you’d see:

This level of access also has no access to Permissions and Commissions on their own profile and cannot edit other staff members in any way.

Here’s what the Staff Profiles look like to someone logged in at this level:

Reports and patient billing history only populate for the staff member’s own billing information. Here’s an example from the Sales Report:

You can see that the filter is set to All Staff, but only the Invoices for this practitioner will appear.

This level of access CAN still see the schedule for all practitioners and book appointments.

The only difference is that the Practitioner/Front Desk (All locations) profile enables a staff member with this role to see the schedule and book appointments at locations they are not listed at. The regular Practitioner role cannot see locations (and therefore can’t book appointments) at locations they’re not listed at.

4. Front Desk

This level is nearly identical to Practitioner: no access to settings or staff permissions, and reports only populate for their own billing info. This is the most common access level for reception.

In addition to Practitioner abilities, the Front Desk can also run the Transaction report so these staff members can handle the end of day procedures.

This level of access CAN still see the schedule for all practitioners and book appointments.

5. Administrative Staff/All Billing

This is the next level of access and tends to be the one given to most front desk staff so that they can work with Cash-Outs and other daily reconciliations.

While they still do not have access to the complete Settings tab, they do get partial access for more administrative duties.

Here’s what the Settings area looks like when logged in at this level:

You can see that they have access to Treatments, Billing Codes, Products, Teleplan Info (if you’re in BC), and some other billing-related settings. This allows Administrative Staff to manage the day to day running of the clinic.

They also will have full access to all Billing Info on reports such as the Transaction report which is used to reconcile payments at the end of the day, and the Sales report to review all invoices created that day.

6. Full Access

Important to note that in the past, Full Access users had nothing hidden from them. So even if a staff member had their notes set to “My Eyes Only” - those with Full Access accounts could have still been able to see those entries. This is no longer the case.

Still, you would want this level of access as the account owner, and often a trusted office manager might also be given this setting. Full access users still have full access to all settings and preferences, but they now need to be given permission by the treating practitioner to see clinical notes of patients or clients that they are not directly treating.

Other Restrictions

There’s also a few other more granular restrictions you can place on Staff Profiles.

1. Chart Access

This will completely disable the Staff from accessing any charts. This might be for a bookkeeper or other non-clinical staff who have no reason to work with charts. Keep in mind that admin staff often require chart access so that they can upload scanned documents.

2. Manage Shifts

Make the Shift button disappear - staff won’t be able to add, delete or modify shifts on the Schedule.

3. Access Billing

The Staff member will lose the Billing tab all together. Keep in mind that if you disable Billing on a Staff Member’s profile they will not be able to receive payment from patients. They will have no financial access at all.

Note: All active staff members with Billing access will be able to receive, edit, and delete payments according to the scope of their permission level until end of day. After that, only staff members with Full Access permissions will be able to edit or delete a payment.

We hope that helps you understand the different access levels in Jane.

As always, let us know if you have questions!

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