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Fullscript and Jane

Fullscript is an online platform that helps you dispense professional-grade supplements, without the need for physical inventory. Fullscript is a software platform for:

  • Practitioners who prescribe wellness to their patients
  • Patients that want the highest quality treatment resources from a trusted source
  • Brands that want to strengthen relationships with practitioners through quality education

Getting Started

If you haven’t already done so you’ll want to sign up with Fullscript here: https://fullscript.com

Please note: Practitioners will need to have Practitioner or Full Access permissions in order to send recommendations to patients. If you run into the “Sorry, you do not have access to that area” error, it is likely because the staff member trying to use the integration is set to Admin permissions.

Step 1: Log in to Jane

To complete the integration, log in to Jane and head over to Settings > Integrations.

Select Fullscript and click Add a Fullscript Account.

Next choose your country, US or Canada.

Jane will then take you to a page to authorize the connection to Fullscript. Sign in to your Fullscript account.

Continue by clicking Authorize application

Once you’ve authorized the account, select the staff member you’d like to connect.

If you do not see the practitioner name on this page, you can create one by clicking the blue CLICK HERE link.

Et voila! You’ve successfully integrated both accounts. If you need to add a user to an existing account click Add Practitioner to this Account, however, if each practitioner has their own account they can log in and add their own by following the same steps.

Once all the accounts are connected the fun begins!

Step 3: Prepare the Patient’s Chart

The first time you create a recommendation, you’ll need to link the patient’s Fullscript profile to their Jane chart.

If they do not have a Fullscript profile yet, Jane will help you create one in the following steps.

From your patient’s Chart area, hit New Chart Entry > Fullscript Recommendation > Build Recommendation

On this pop-up window, you’ll see 2-3 options to prepare the client’s chart for Fullscript prescriptions, pick one:

  • Link an existing Fullscript patient profile based on Jane’s suggestion.

  • Create and link a brand new Fullscript patient profile via Create Fullscript profile.
    • Note: this option only appears if there isn’t already a matching profile in Fullscript
  • Search and link any other existing Fullscript profile.

Step 4: Prescribe Away!

Click Add a Product or pull up one of your pre-loaded recommendation templates using the drop-down on the right.

Search the database by product name, brand, or condition.

Confirm your selection by selecting Add Product or hit X to head back to your search results.

Pro Tip: On the search page, Clear Search to start over anytime.

Once you’ve built your prescription list, adjust the dosage(s) and include additional instructions if applicable before saving or sending it off to your patient:

Hitting Save Draft will save your work in Jane without emailing the patient, and you can return anytime to Edit, Send to Patient, or add exclusive notes in the Jane Notes section if you like!

Patient Prescription Preview

This is a sample email of what your patients will receive to view their prescription in Fullscript:

Patients can click View Your Recommendation to launch Fullscript where they can fill their prescription and have it shipped directly to their home:

The first time patients access their Fullscript profile, they will be asked to set their password to access past and future recommendations.

Prescriptions can be downloaded as PDFs from their account should they prefer a physical copy of your recommendations.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

As always, let us know if you need a hand and if you require assistance on the Fullscript side, please reach out to their support team here.

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