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Subscribing to your Calendar (For Patients)

If you’re helping your patients subscribe to their calendars there are two main ways to do this.

Note📍: If you’re a staff member of a clinic looking for how to subscribe your Jane appointments to your calendar, head on over to our Subscribing to Your Calendar (for Staff) guide for more details💙.

1 - From a Jane appointment related email

2 - From a patient’s My Account area

Once you click the “Subscribe to Your Calendar button”, you’ll have three options for subscribing

  • 1 - Subscribe on this device (open the calendar app on your device and add the subscription)
  • 2 - Click to quickly open and subscribe to Google Calendar and Outlook
  • 3 - Manually subscribe by copying and pasting a URL into your calendar.

Here are some instructions for adding iCal links to some popular email software:

Google Calendar

Microsoft Outlook

iPhone / iPad

Once subscribed your Jane appointments will automatically be inputted to your personal calendar – pretty handy!

Bonus Tip

Google Calendar adds subscribed calendars with a default so that anyone who can view your Google Calendar can also see the details of your subscribed calendar. If you don’t want this, you’ll want to visit the instructions to subscribe to Google Calendar and follow the instructions to “Add using a link”, copying the URL from Jane (option #3 above). When you do that, you can paste in the URL from Jane, and then make sure to keep the “Make the calendar publicly accessible” box unselected:

If you or your patients are running into any troubles with the calendar integration, head on over to our Troubleshooting your Subscribed Calendar Guide

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