Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Prefixes, Titles & Honorifics

Jane’s style is to be both professional and informal. So, by default, Jane will greet your customers in a friendly way. Hello Jane! for example.

If you prefer a more formal rapport with your customers, Jane has a few options that allow you to customize how you collect and use names and name-prefixes.

Informal / Formal Setting

In the main Settings -> Language area, you can choose whether to address your patients in a casual or former manner. These settings are used throughout Jane’s online booking pages and in all email communication.

  • Casual will simply use their first name.
  • Formal will prefer either their prefix and last name or their full name if no prefix is present.


Jane includes a short list of standard prefixes. You can edit and add other options to the list to suit your clientele.

In the main Settings -> Language area, select the Prefixes / Honorifics item under Standard Language.

You can add or remove items to the list (one item per line) to make these available throughout Jane.

You can edit the prefix for your patients by editing their patient profile.

Intake Form

If you would like Jane to collect prefixes from your patients, you can enable the option when editing each of your intake forms.

Head to Settings -> Intake Forms to edit these settings.

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