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How to Create a Client Profile Administratively

Most of the time, clients will create their own profiles when they book their appointments in online. Every once in a while though, you may need to create a new profile on the fly!

For staff profiles set to Practitioner (Limited), there my be profiles created for clients that you don’t have access to if it’s their first time seeing you. For more information on this restriction, head on over to our Staff Access Levels guide that breaks this down a bit further.

Creating a Profile from the Schedule

If you’re looking to quickly book this patient in at the same time as creating their profile, you’ll want to head over to the Schedule tab and select a time to start the process.

Next, within the Appointment Panel, click on the New Patient button

Now you’ll can enter their demographics. While the first and last names are the only required fields, we like to recommend entering contact information as well. Adding an email address will allow them to receive a welcome email, in addition to intake forms, surveys and notifications about their appointments.

Once you hit either the blue Save button or the Save & Send Welcome Email, you’ll be redirected back to the Schedule to complete that booking.

Creating a Profile from the Patients tab

This option is only available to those that have an access level of Practitioner / Front Desk or higher to the account. To start, you’ll want to head over to the Patients tab and then click on the New Patient button in the bottom left.

A new page will open up to the right where you can enter in the patient’s demographics that will be used to create their profile.

Pro-tip💡: All access levels can also create a profile under the Billing tab > New Sale > New Profile area as well.*

Have a patient with a profile created and they’re having a bit of trouble accessing their My Account Portal? Check out our guide doc on Helping Patients Log In 💙

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