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Jane's Mobile App for Patients (Beta)

Thank you for participating in this early access beta for our mobile app! We’re so excited to get this into your hands so you can book, view, and manage all your appointments with Jane clinics in one place, with one login.

The app is in its early stages, so a lot of things can change as we improve and refine the features. With early access to the app, you can provide us with feedback that will shape the future of the app. So if you have any sweet feature ideas, or if you experience any bugs or errors, please let us know through the feedback survey.

You can find the feedback survey on the My Appointments page of the app:

Feel free to skip to one of the sections below. ⤵️

Accessing the app

As we launch our early access program, you may see an invite to participate. Just a heads up that not everyone who signs up will receive one as space is limited for this initial round. Email invites can take a couple of weeks to arrive after you sign up and they will include all the instructions on how to download and access our beta app.

💡 Please note, the app is not yet available on the app store so access is only possible via this invite.

If you’ve lost track of the email, here are the senders and subject lines so you can look through your inbox. ⤵️

For Apple Users:

Sender - TestFlight: [email protected]

Subject Line - Jane Software Inc. has invited you to test Jane.

For Android Users:

Sender - Amal: [email protected]

Subject Line - Jane has invited you to try their new App.

Logging into the app for the first time

When you open the app, you’ll click the Create a profile button:

Next, you’ll enter your info and set up a password:

Once you’ve finished creating your account, you can add the Jane clinics you use. Next, enter the clinic’s name into the search bar.

If you don’t see your clinic come up, double-check what their URL or web address is.

To find a clinic’s URL, you can head to their online booking site and look at the address bar at the top of the screen:

Next, head back to the app and enter the first part of that clinic URL into the search bar. For the example above, the URL is demo.janeapp.com, so we can just enter “demo” in the search bar.

Once you’ve found the clinic you want, click the blue Add button.

You’ll then be brought to the login page for your clinic- this should look familiar to you. Sign in like you would regularly with your username and password (or social login) for this specific clinic.

If you forgot your password, you can recover it right from the app. Just enter your username or email into the username field and click Next. On the following screen, click Forgot password and then follow the instructions to reset it.

After you’ve signed in, your clinic will be linked to your Jane Mobile app!

You can click the Book button at the bottom of the screen and continue to add any other clinics you visit.

Viewing appointments

To view your appointments, you can tap the My Appointments button at the bottom of your screen:

Booking appointments

To book an appointment, you can click the Book button at the bottom of your screen, and then select the clinic you’d like to book at.

Next, you can either select a specific practitioner to book with or the discipline (like acupuncture, for example) you’d like to book.

Next, you can choose the treatment you want to book:

And now you can select an available time.

You’ll come to the confirmation screen and you can click the Book button at the bottom if all the details look good.

Way to go, you’re on a roll!

Cancelling appointments

If you need to cancel an appointment, you can click My Appointments at the bottom of your screen and then select the appointment you want to cancel.

Next, click the Cancel Appointment button.

You’ll want to select a cancellation reason and click the red Cancel Appointment button.

Now you’ll see a confirmation screen to let you know your appointment has successfully been cancelled.

Troubleshooting and FAQ

Is my login for the app the same as my login for one of the clinics I visit?

Good question! Your login for the app is separate from your login info for any of the clinics you visit. Technically, you can set up your app login using the same username and password that you use for a clinic, but for security purposes, we’d strongly recommend using a unique username and password when you create your account for the app.

I’ve forgotten my login for the app. How can I reset it?

No worries, you can open the app and on the login screen, tap the Forgot Password button. Then you can just follow the instructions to reset your login info for the app.

I’ve forgotten my password for one of the clinics I visit.

No problem, you can reset your password from within the app. When you go to add your clinic to the app, enter your username and click Next. On the following page, click Forgot password and follow the instructions to reset it.

Which devices can I use the app on?

I can’t find my clinic in the app.

Happy to help! This could be for two reasons.

The first is that the app is only available for use in Canada, so if the clinic you’re searching for isn’t in Canada, it won’t show up in-app.

The second reason is that the mobile app uses a clinic’s URL to search for them. If a clinic’s name is different from their URL, the mobile app can have a hard time finding it. We suggest opening your web browser and heading to the clinic’s online booking site. Next, take note of their URL which is in the address bar at the top of your web browser:

In this case, the URL of my clinic is demo.janeapp.com (our test site) so I’ll search for it in the app by putting “demo” into the search bar.

Jane tip: Don’t include the “.janeapp.com” when searching for your clinic- you can leave that part out.

Will I get appointment reminders through the app?

Not in this version of the app. You’ll continue to receive notifications normally by text and/or email. If you want to change your reminder or notification preferences, you’ll do that outside of the app.

What can I do in this version of the app?

In the current version of the app you’re testing, you can do the following:

  • Add multiple clinics that you’ve been to before

  • View, book, or cancel your own appointments for all clinics you’ve added to the app

I’m a practitioner at a clinic. What happens if I add my own clinic to the app and log in using my staff credentials?

Great question! If a practitioner adds their own clinic to the app and uses their staff credentials to log in, then Jane will create a patient profile for them that is linked to their staff profile. This is the same thing that happens if you are logged in as a practitioner, head to your own online booking site, and book an appointment. Jane will see this as a “patient action” and will create a patient profile for you. This can be handy if you’re a practitioner who also receives services or treatments from other practitioners at your clinic. Please note that the app is only for the patient-facing side of Jane, so you won’t be able to access it to view the admin side of Jane, even if your staff profile and patient profile are linked.

How can I provide feedback about the app?

We are so excited to hear your thoughts about the app! On your appointments page, you’ll see a blue box with a Send us feedback button.

Is the app available outside of Canada?

No, the app is currently only available within Canada.

How do I delete my Jane app profile?

We’re sad to see you go!

To have your mobile app profile deleted, please email [email protected] from the same email you used when creating your profile for the app. Please let us know in the email that you want to delete your mobile app profile so that we can ensure your request is directed to the right group.

Please also include your Mobile App ID number. You can find this in the mobile app by clicking on the little profile icon in the upper left of your screen.

Next, click on the profile icon again.

Now you’ll see your mobile app ID at the bottom of the screen with a little copy button to the right. Click the copy button and paste that number into the email you send to us. This will help us find and verify your profile faster.

What information does my Jane app profile collect?

The Jane app profile stores 3 main things. Your email, hashed password, and the list of linked clinics, practices, or studios. This data is all stored exclusively within Canada.

Where is my data stored?

The data associated with your Jane ID profile will be stored on our secure servers in Montreal, QC (Canada).

Data associated with your patient profile in a Jane clinic, such as your charting or billing data, will be stored in the region selected by your clinic. Check out our Cloud Security White Paper for more information.

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